Where Will We Bee?

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Close your eyes and picture a field full of beautiful flowers in vibrant colors. The sun is beaming down and the clouds are white and translucent. Sounds lovely but what would this field look like if we didn’t have bees? There’d be no beautiful flowers and no life as we know it.

Yup, without bees, we’re pretty much killing off not only our flowers but all our food.

Bees are major pollinators that turn flowers into food. Without them our entire ecosystem is at risk and yet, we continue to allow large chemical companies to kill them off. If you’re a gardener, you’ve probably noticed there aren’t as many bees out there as there used to be.

The scary thing is – the plants you’re putting into the ground could be the source of what’s killing our bees!

Major stores selling plants like Home Depot and Lowes have been stocking plants with Monsanto’s chemical, Roundup IN them! To think that the very plants we put into our gardens are at the heart of the problem for our bees is mind boggling. Bayer is one of the biggest suppliers of these neonic pesticides. Yes, the aspirin company that helps our headaches is killing off our pollinators.


Even if you can’t wrap your head around saving our bees, maybe you should think about what this chemical is doing to us?

According to PAN (the Pesticide Action Network of North America), these pesticides are causing more harm to our planet than just killing off our bees. “In addition to these findings there’s a growing body of evidence on health impacts associated with exposure to glyphosate or RoundUp, such as endocrine disruption, organ damage and birth defects.”

Thanks to groups like PAN, Environment Illinois, Environment Iowa, League of Conservation Voters, Environment America and Sierra Rise, law makers and chemical companies are being held responsible. By donating as little as $5, we can begin to get these chemicals out of our plants and off the shelves of these major retailers but we have to act NOW!

When BEES die, people starve! It’s as simple as that.

So, with Earth Day fast approaching, let’s all take action to save our bees AND save ourselves. Am I sounding like an alarmist? Absolutely!

How can you help?


If you contribute to saving anything, saving our bees should be cause number one. We need them to sustain our food supply and keep everything from flowers to trees alive. I hope you’ll join us in donating to one of these amazing organizations and I encourage you to act now. Life won’t BEE sustainable without them!


Plant New Plants

Where can you buy your plants if all main sources are tainted?! Look up your LOCAL nurseries and garden centers to find flowers and greens that are free of these chemicals. If you only have access to major retailers, ask to know where their plants are grown and make sure they are pesticide-free. Building awareness is the first step to change – spread the word!


– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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