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Maybe it’s the start of a new decade or maybe the world is actually spinning faster but whatever it is, this year feels different. Nothing around ME feels permanent. Some of my closest friends have left their forever jobs and even my favorite local DJs have changed stations. I wish I could say the changes end there but things are changing with ME too and it’s time to embrace this new phase instead of fighting it.

Like any business, operating a sustainable clothing company for the past 20 years has had its fair share of challenges. We’ve managed to stay up with production, keep our designs innovative and our credit clean – great actually, but something’s changed over the past few years and I can’t keep ignoring it.

On a daily basis, I read anywhere from ten to twenty articles about Climate Change and the number one take away? We have too much stuff. Too many beauty products, too many home goods, too many gadgets and ok, this is a tough one for me, but too many clothes. Yup, a clothing designer, owner of a clothing company, is telling you we need to cut back on buying clothing.

It’s a tough truth to admit but I’m realizing it’s no longer necessary to be producing as much as we do.

The Sporty Bra_The Picolli Short_Beatnik_Lifestyle 2_Small.jpgI’ve always told myself we were needed.

We’re the guys doing things right; sourcing better, natural fabrics, sewing our garments in the States and making the best use of our fabric so we don’t clog the landfills with trash from the cutting room floor.

I still believe supporting ME is a healthier choice for all of us and the planet because we operate responsibly. But now there are lots of other guys out there doing what we’ve always done and frankly, it’s getting kinda crowded in the “sustainable” clothing space.

Note to all you budding fashion designers…Listen up! We need to support companies operating responsibly but we don’t need any more Sustainable Clothing Companies!

Honestly, I just can’t justify producing more fashion clothing… except, that is, for intimates. Thrifting, resale and vintage shopping is great but when it comes to stuff like bras, underwear, camis and even sleepwear, well I can’t wear a garment someone else has worn so “intimately”… I just can’t…and neither should you.  Just in case your mom never told you to about wearing clean underwear, well I’m telling you, “Always wear clean underwear!” and make sure it’s the good stuff. Organic cotton, and if you love prints, make sure they have organic cotton or breathable lining. Thing is, the good stuff is hard to find and USA made underwear is even harder.

The-Wally-Crew-Neck_Cinder_The-Rocko-Boxer-Brief_The-Organic-Sporty-Bra_Merlot_The-Hip-Hipster-Panty_Black_Lifestyle_Small-REVISED-2.jpgLet ME make this easy for you.

Now that we’re cutting back on producing fashion, you’ll be seeing a lot more selection in our Organic Cotton Bras and Panties. Looking for beautiful but comfortable loungewear? We’ll keep that in stock for you too.

We’re committed to making beautiful, organic and natural intimates we can all feel good wearing closest to our bodies.

I’ve never shied away from telling big corporations to stop producing products that destroy our planet and although we aren’t a big corporation, I too must walk the walk I talk so much about.

Sure, we need clothes… WE DO! But we don’t need any more new, trendy fashion or a different outfit for everyday.

When you need a dress for a special occasion or a new pair of jeans, look to places like Rent the Runway, Thred Up, Poshmark, The Real Real and even Nordstrom’s See You Tomorrow Shop featuring used designer brands. You’ll realize there’s already enough great clothing hanging around and we don’t need to be adding more to it.

As for the clothing we wear closest to our bodies… well, that should be purchased new and it should be made responsibly from organic, natural fibers that don’t mess with our health or the health of the planet.

The world may be spinning faster and Earth may be facing some major challenges but each of us has the power to stop Climate Change by supporting companies who care about their impact on our planet. Companies like ME who would rather scale back production than continue producing more stuff we don’t really need. It’s a tough decision, but one that will benefit ME and most importantly, our planet in the long run.

Can changing your underwear really change the world? I’d like to think so. Join ME and shop responsibly ’cause conscious shopping is the new retail therapy.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer




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2 thoughts on “What’s Up With ME?

  1. This was so refreshing. A clothing brand accepting what is happening to the planet and doing something about it!
    I found Majamas Earth looking for sustainably made bras and wondered around your website and blog. I have stepped away from fast fashion over a year ago, and sourcing underwear and yoga wear (the two I simply cannot buy second hand) is not easy!
    Everything here looks lovely, will most likely purchase.

    1. Thank you for recognizing our mission. We have always put the environment before fashion and we believe one does not have to compromise the other. We’re so happy you found us and we look forward to seeing you on our site again soon. Please stay healthy and well!

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