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Yesterday I was introduced to a friend’s mom who was 84 years old. She looked healthy, completely pulled together, and yeah, even fashionable, but when I looked closely I realized her eyeliner was put on all crazy and jagged. Hey, it’s tough enough to make a straight line on your upper lid when you have a steady hand and good eyesight, but when ya don’t have that going for you, well, that eyeliner can get pretty jankity. Still, I found myself wondering how such a pulled-together, beautiful woman could leave the house not knowing (or caring?) her eyeliner was whacky?!

Then I realized I’ve kinda been living that crazy eyeliner scenario myself for the last four weeks.

Ok, so I haven’t LITERALLY been walking around with uneven, jaggedy eyeliner on, but I have been operating our company unaware of just how bad our website’s been acting, despite it’s beautiful appearance. I look at it this way – our website IS the face of MAJAMAS!

We’re pretty focused on details at MAJAMAS. We look very closely at everything from the stitches we use to the photos on our site and we care greatly about how things are done and how things work, so when our site stopped producing decent revenue a few weeks back, we wondered what the heck was happening.

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Our IT support team ensured everything was working and we felt slightly comforted until the next day when we saw people on our site but STILL no orders. We tried placing mock orders ourselves (no problems – went thru fine!) and asked friends and family to test our checkout process (again, all good) but when a new user on a computer that had never visited our site before went to order… well, let’s just say our eyeliner looked pretty jacked up!

Photos loaded super slowly, items fell out of shoppers’ carts and some shoppers were even kicked off all together. Yep, a total nightmare if your entire income depends on the revenue from your wholesale and retail websites (both were having problems). Here we were, an established brand with an established website looking like that 84 year old woman with the jankity eyeliner.

After weeks of trying to figure out what the heck was going wrong, we finally decided we had to make some major and minor adjustments with our server. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you, it’s tough being that woman with the crazy eyeliner thinking you look pretty great when you look like you slept in your makeup. The thing is, she was a smart, funny and an incredibly kind person and for that, I can’t fault her on her eyeliner alone.

So, I’m hoping you will find it in your hearts to do the same and not judge us on how we’ve been looking lately.

Ashland Tee_Tempest_Lifestyle_Small.jpgWe rely on word of mouth and return clients and we’re hoping you, our loyal customers, will feel good about recommending MAJAMAS to a friend and sharing our site with them again. We’ve washed off that crazy liner and we’re so stoked about it, we’re even offering a coupon code for you (and a friend… go on, share it!) for 15% off your order (only good a short time, so get in on this!)

It’s our way of saying thanks for your patience with us and for putting up with our slightly “crazy” face.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer


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    What else can we do to fix our face?!

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