ME Says Bring Back “Game Night!”


Maybe it’s living in the Midwest. Maybe it’s the cooling temperatures and shorter days. Maybe it’s the fact that we love our MAJAMAS EARTH family and friends and will hang onto any excuse to spend time together. Whatever the reason, we’re itching for the return of good, old-fashioned game nights. Like Shirley & Victor – our baby clothing line that celebrates the “simpler times” – we can’t resist a night in with our favorite people.

While there’s no “wrong” way to have a game night, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Here are a few suggestions to get you ready to roll:

•    Set aside a night when all your friends or family are free for a few hours. Make it a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly event right off the bat, if you’re a real go-getter.

•    Have 2-4 games of different varieties available, or pick one beforehand. For the recurring game night – mix it up with a dice game one week, a card game the next, a board game after that. Got a few tech lovers in the group? We won’t hate, and you shouldn’t either – appease ‘em by throwing in a Wii game night here and there.

•    What’s our favorite part? If having an Italian company founder isn’t enough of a clue… the food! Try buffet-style, on a surface away from the gaming action to avoid party fouls and mix-ups (no, those Monopoly hotels are not edible). Our favorites? Go classic with pizza (extra points for homemade!), communal with a big pot of chili with options for fixing’s (some like it hot), or, for the culinary-challenged, get a spread of grab-and-go salads from your local health foods store.

•    A warm drink, like hot cocoa or spiced cider, is always a good option. Or, really play up a parlor game night with classic punch. Grownups – add a splash of booze if you fancy! Or go BYOB and have everyone bring their favorite 6-pack or bottle of wine.

•    Flex your party-planning muscles, and start your own traditions. Go full theme nights, with costumes, decorations, food to suit. Go big time, and mix a little gambling in there – extra allowance payout? Loser has to wash the winner’s car? Winner gets a MAJAMAS EARTH gift card? Share yours in the comments!

*BIG thanks to Kinfolk Magazine and ABlogNamedScout for the inspirational image!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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