USA Made Statement Sweaters


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When it’s time for sweater weather we’re ready to wrap up in our favorite fabrics. After all — who wouldn’t want to wear soft, durable, breathable fabrics that are kind to the environment AND made in the USA?

We specifically love to use Cotton Modal, a type of fabric that blends the cellulose from the Beechwood tree with Cotton to produce some of the softest fabrics you’ll ever feel. Modal is made using a closed loop process which means the water used to make it gets recycled and used again for the next run.

Plus, with Cotton Modal, you can say “goodbye” to those ugly pilled fibers that start to pop up when different fabric layers rub together — this fabric is known to be extremely durable and fade-resistant. In fact, throw any of our sweaters in your home washing machine ON GENTLE CYCLE/COLD WATER to clean. Skip a trip to the dry cleaners — easier for you, and easier on our planet!

We make clothing that comes from an intimate understanding of garment making in the USA. We focus on functional fashion, ethical fabric sourcing, and being an eco- and human-friendly company on all levels. We make clothing that’s responsibly produced. And — we make clothing that’s perfect for all seasons.

Scoop up one of our sweaters to celebrate the start of a new season and support beautiful clothing & a beautiful planet!


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– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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