We Found A Cure For An Empty Nest

Our New Furry Friend!


The year I went off to college was a tough one for my parents. After raising five kids who usually had five friends each over at any given time, they found themselves in a big, empty house with a couple of old cats and an aging dog. So my dad decided they’d sell the house and move to a two bedroom condo in Florida.
My mom was not thrilled with the plan and although the transition was hard their move to Florida proved to be the best thing for them. My parents made tons of new friends, went to weekly cocktail parties and were rarely home when I’d call them.
This year I am where my parents were when I left for college and we’re left with our ten year old cat Wally. Our house is QUIET. I literally feel as if I’ve entered a new dimension but unlike my dad, I don’t have an urge to do something different and run off to somewhere else. I don’t want to move and frankly, it’s feels as if we still have a “child” that needs our attention and it’s called Majamas Earth.
I totally get why my dad wanted to move out of his big house after his kids were gone. Like him, Russ and I have lived in our house a long time, even before we had children. Everywhere we look, there’s a memory and while those memories are wonderful, they keep reminding us that a huge phase of our lives has past and once again we are living in our house without children.




Parts of being an empty nester are nice. We don’t have to wake up super early to work out before the girls head to school or race home from the office to eat dinner before their evening practices. Our weekends aren’t spent as spectators in a hot pool and no one’s complaining about homework. There’s no fighting over stupid stuff, no messy bedrooms or shoes to trip over when we come in the back door. My house is quiet.


Yet, there’s that third child calling to us. The one we started years ago and we are feeling the need to make it finally grow up.

We’re more focused on Majamas Earth and our passion to continue making clothing that is eco-friendly, versatile and comfortable for all women has been reignited. Now that our children are out of the house, we can finally give Majamas Earth the TLC it deserves.

Life is short and our goal to make ME a household name is stronger than ever. Like Kleenex and Coke, we want women saying things like, “I spent the whole day in my MAJAMAS” and “I couldn’t wear any other bra but MAJAMAS.” Crazy? Maybe, but now that I’m officially an empty-nester, I want to devote more time to the business we love and created so many years ago. We still believe in it and we know once people wear our clothes, they appreciate what we do and why we do it.


As for my quiet house, well this is where you CAN call us crazy. Instead of running to Florida, we’ve decided to fill it up. We recently brought home an orange shelter cat we named Vinny (Wally is NOT as happy with him as we are) and next week, we’re getting a puppy. This means our house will no longer be quiet or empty and once again we have a Majamas Earth mascot! *



New mascot, new energy, new ME! It’s already started.

Check out our NEW website www.majamas.com and let us know what you think!

– Germaine, MAJAMAS Company Owner & Designer


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*Oh, and one more thing…. We haven’t got a name for our new puppy and we need your help! Send us your suggestions below in the comments and we’ll announce HER name in one week on our social feeds.


What should we name our new MAJAMAS mascot?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

5 thoughts on “We Found A Cure For An Empty Nest

  1. Snuggles! Because that’s what you do in Majamas. Or of course you can go with Cubbie, Wrigley, Rizzo, And the list goes on.

  2. Name her Nixilu. Nixi for short. I have always loved the name of that segment of Majamas. It always sounds so playful…which I guess a lab puppy will be for a few years.

  3. Hey Germaine! Another sweet addition to the Caprio-Curry clan 🙂
    I have a few to add: Gemma, Lilly, Lola, Zoey
    I loved each one of my Goldens, especially now that I have German Shepherd!
    There was Cinnamon (our first. Dad let me have her after Jerry went to college. She loved him so much); then there was Brandy, who took great care of Nicholas; then Ozzie (a wild guy! we should have stuck with girls!) and then Sydney, who was a precious rescue Golden.

    May your little Golden girl bring you much love and happiness!

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