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When MAJAMAS started, there wasn’t even an internet. Yeah I know, this shows my age, but unless you lived before technology was so embedded in our daily lives, it’s impossible to imagine life before it. Barely 20 years ago, phones (the land-line kind) were a company’s main life source. 15 years ago, fax machines became the hi-tech tools of the day (now ours only receives junk mail and spam). Few stores, even the big ones, had websites. (Crazy, right?) Even I lived thru this and I still can’t picture life without the internet. Today no business exists without a website and some barely exist at all without having a presence on social media.

For retailers, the internet has replaced the malls of the world and just like those little stores stuck between the JC Penney’s and Sears, it takes a lot to get noticed. I remember a wise sales manager of mine saying that for any brand to succeed, it has to stay current. I used to think that meant keeping up with the trends, but now I know it means keeping up with everything – especially when it comes to advertising and technology.

INSTA ESS PinterestBrands have to be everywhere and it’s much harder than plastering your name in every fashion mag or blog.

It means being on every social media channel (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest….)  and search engine, (there are lots more than Google) having a blog, and much to my dismay Vlogging (yeah, that’s video blogging).

It’s a way to give that human touch to your brand that connects your customers to your product removing the cold, impersonal feeling a website can create. Regardless of how beautifully products are photographed, having video on a website will become the norm because customers want to virtually feel what you’re selling. (Hmm…maybe brick & mortar stores aren’t dead forever?).

Customers want an inside peek at a brand. We all want (and should!) know who we’re buying from, how a company’s products are made and who’s really behind a label (hello!).

It didn’t take a lot of convincing to get us to launch a website (we just changed to an easier platform), hire a social specialist (thank you Jane!) or even get me to blog (putting that LAS degree to work!) but this need for fresh video is gonna be a challenge. In my past life, I worked in the film biz, behind the scenes and although I’m comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, being in front of the camera is a tougher place.

I look at women who’ve been doing this forever. Women like Meredith Vieira, Kelly Ripa, and Martha Stewart (Martha is 76!) who look amazing (I want Kelly’s arms) and can chat about anything from vasectomies to cupcakes with grace and ease and I wonder if I’m up to that challenge. As of right now, I can honestly say “Ugh..” but like everything in my MAJAMAS life, I am determined to try. (I joke about producing a reality TV show called Making MAJAMAS and much like other reality shows, I’m afraid the bleeps blocking the profanity would be all you’d hear).

So, with tenacity and fear, I invite you to join us for the very first of a series of videos, MAJAMAS will present about, well… MAJAMAS! For our first segment, we’ll be shooting from our showroom, introducing you to our Fall 2018 collection. You’ll get an in-depth view at our favorite pieces and learn how to create a trend-proof look that will carry you thru Winter in style. We’ll announce our video launch via email & social media before going live so you have time to tune-in! Stay tuned too – soon we’ll have more video descriptions on our site, how-to videos and even FAQ videos. (Send us your questions in the comments!)


Change is part of business, but accepting it can be a challenge all its own. Adding video to our site is a change I’ve dreaded, but just as I don’t feel obligated to model our clothes, I don’t feel obligated to be on every video. I’ll give it a shot (join me!) knowing it’s possible to remain the force behind MAJAMAS without being the face. So with all due respect Martha, I’ll leave that business approach to you!

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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