Under Where?

I got my first wedgie in college. My roommate was joking around, but it was still incredibly unpleasant and bad enough to make me rethink my underwear. It was in that moment, I learned that intimate apparel should be designed to last, made with only the best quality, and softest fabrics.

Seeing most of us wear these garments 16 hours plus a day and close to our most private of parts, underwear comprises the most important pieces in our wardrobe… and yet, most people give their undergarments the least amount of thought.

Picking up a six pack of panties or boxers at a local discount store might be normal for you, but would you do the same for any other garment you wear every single day? The answer is probably not, but for some reason, we compromise when it comes to our underwear, and believe it or not, that compromise can be harmful to our health.

What we wear under there is super important to our general health and that applies to all of us, not just to women. So the next time you’re in need of a new set of bras, undies, boxers or boxer-briefs, remember these…

5 Tips To Picking the Perfect Pair of Underwear

1. Go Au Naturel

Go for GOTS Certified Organic Cotton when buying your panties, boxers or boxer-briefs. GOTS Organic Cotton isn’t treated with harsh pesticides, and seeing our skin is our biggest organ, you probably want to avoid harsh chemicals from touching it.

Pretty prints and fun designs are fine as long as the gussets and liners are GOTS Organic Cotton allowing them to “breathe”. Better yet, look for eco-friendly intimates that are ethically and USA MADE (a rarity in the underwear business and more important than ever if you’re concerned about Climate Change and racial equity).

2. Ditch Tighty Whities & Tighty Thighies

Shapewear is great for keeping us from looking as if we gave up the gym since the height of Covid, but form fitting shapewear can cause numbness and even block circulation when it’s too tight. Plus most shapewear is made from synthetics, making it unhealthy, hot and uncomfortable.

Try to opt for slightly looser fitting underwear to avoid getting bacterial or yeast infections… this applies to men too! As for hiding those extra pounds, get back on that workout track. If you need a quick fix, just raise your camera a little bit higher when you’re taking that group photo…works wonders, trust ME…

3. Less Really is More… Comfortable

No matter what your mother told you, wearing bras with underwires and super structured support will not keep your breasts from falling to your knees.

Once that bra comes off, gravity finds us anyway, so why are you forcing yourself to wear something that pinches and hurts you all day?

There is a time and place for every bra, but if you’re working from home and you don’t need that heavy-duty lift, opt for comfort.

Keep in mind, most support comes from underneath, so look for a bra with a wider under-bust band. A wider band is not only more comfortable, but surprisingly more supportive.

4. Take It All Off

Night time is the right time to let our bodies breathe, so don’t wear your panties to bed. Instead nab a loose fitting lounge pant or short to wear that puts more room between you and your clothing or if appropriate, go commando! Sleeping in the buff can be the healthiest option for our skin and it has a myriad of other benefits too.

For women who are well endowed or nursing moms, opt for light-supporting GOTS Organic Cotton bras or GOTS Organic Cotton tanks with built-in support. Avoid tight bras with seams and underwires that can cause mastitis or other infections.

5. You Get What You Pay For

Finally, look for underwear that is well constructed and made to last. Hey, these garments go thru a lot and get worn more than any other piece of clothing. If your budget allows, buy high quality, well-made bras, panties and men’s boxers or boxer-briefs. That’s because sewing small garments so they’re just right takes a well-seasoned sewing operator. Hey, no one wants a bump in the seam of their panties. Plus most higher priced intimates go thru extra fittings, and that helps them fit amazingly well. You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable they are and how much longer they will last.

Think about it, these items get washed a ton so make sure you protect them. Invest in a few mesh laundry bags to keep your intimates from getting tangled up with other clothes. Always wash them in cold water without using harsh chemicals like bleach or scented detergents, and hang them to dry. Stretchy fabrics don’t care for heat so when possible, keep all your stretchy clothes out of the dryer. From intimates to workout wear, hanging them to dry will extend their life and help your investment last longer.

Our underwear is the first thing we put on each day so make it the best piece of clothing you wear.

We may not be going to crowded parties where your roommate thinks giving out wedgies is a good way to lighten the mood, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to what we wear under our clothes. Happiness is a fleeting emotion so don’t let your underwear trigger unpleasant feelings or thoughts. Maybe the most unhappy people in the world just need a new pair of underwear? Maybe we can change the world for the better just by giving more though to our underwear.

Time to #CareWhatYouWear under there…

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer









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