The Power of Our Purchases

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but that was before podcasts became a thing…

I’ve been blogging about saving our planet for years now, and although I love writing and sharing ways we can all have a collective, positive impact on the planet, I’m excited to let you know that today, on Earth Day, we are introducing our MAJAMAS EARTH Podcast.

Our mission is to inspire our followers to make conscious, healthy choices that will help our planet and ourselves.

On our first episode, I speak with Jane Arvis, MAJAMAS EARTH’S Social Media Producer, about the ways our purchases can “Restore the Earth”, which just happens to be the theme of this year’s Earth Day.

Our purchases are our super power, and with each one we have the ability to transform industries and collectively change the world. When we shop with the companies who operate as sustainably as possible, we in turn, give them the power to continue their work.

So join ME today to learn more about how to make responsible shopping choices and start living as if every day is Earth Day. Let’s help “Restore the Earth” so natural species can thrive and we can pass a healthy planet on to our kids.

Time to CARE WHAT YOU WEAR, eat, and so much more…


– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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One thought on “The Power of Our Purchases

  1. I would like to know: what does “eco-friendly” and “sustainably made” mean in regards to clothing? Is there a certain criteria to be able to use those terms? Besides generally costing more, how does it differ from other clothing, in regards to both quality and production?

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