The Perfect MAJAMAS EARTH Bra Fit Guide

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My friends seem to think there’s some kind of mystery to finding their bra size. They run off to lingerie and department stores to get that perfect fit and yet they still find some of their bras are uncomfortable. Why? Probably because every bra manufacturer has a different way of measuring and every bra is designed differently.

We will teach you how to find the perfect fit for MAJAMAS EARTH bras!

MAJAMAS EARTH Comfort Bras have no hooks or clasps, which means the measurements you get when using our bra guide should be used to find your perfect bra from ME and only as a guide for purchasing other brand’s bras.

Yeah, I realize I’m still making this process sound complicated, but if you measure yourself the way we recommend in our video, you will get a good idea of your actual bra size. Just make sure you check with each manufacturer to see what you need to tweak to get the right measurement for their bras.

Take a peek at our video (no judging ME!) and get yourself into the right sized bra that is responsibly made, beautiful and most importantly comfortable!

If you’d prefer a visual chart, here’s a printable fit guide!

After you find your right size, check out the styles that will work best for you. We are environmentally focused and use Organic Cotton in many of our bras so you can feel good about what’s next to your skin. Even our micro-fiber fabrics are made here in the United States under strict environmental regulation so nothing is added to them and no water is dumped illegally after producing any of it.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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