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When it comes to designing at Majamas Earth fashion is the priority, but versatility and comfort play a huge roll too. Our number one rule; if we wouldn’t wear it, we don’t include it. What are our favorites? Read on and see what each of us loves most:

Jane // Graphic & Creative Designer

I love and practically LIVE IN our JoJo Leggings! Aside from the most adorable feminine prints and softest stretch fabrics ever, these beauties are perfect for just about every occasion and every season! Even if you are not typically fond of prints (especially on the bottom) there are SO many ways you can work them into your wardrobe!


For everyday wear, I love to pair our printed leggings with a long solid or textured tunic-type top or dress because it helps neutralize the print and covers areas that I typically do not find flattering in printed bottoms (hips, thighs, etc.). Since the leggings are a tad long for me (I’m only 5’4″) I like to let the extra length bunch above the cuff or fold under part of the black colorblocked section.

Layering a cropped leather or denim jacket, statement necklace or scarf, and a pair of booties with the look really makes the leggings look street-chic!

You’ll have a head-turning look while being comfy everywhere you go – desk to dinner/drinks, meeting up with friends, traveling, and even running to the store!


The best part is, after feeling like you have been wearing your jammies all day, you can go home and throw on a comfy sweatshirt or tank and be ready for bed or a good lounge on the couch. If you’re feeling extra ambitious instead, you can head to the gym in your JoJo leggings and bring along a workout tank to pair with your MAJAMAS printed Sporty or Active Bra underneath! Recycled wicking fabrics allow the leggings to breathe when you’re active or in warm weather, but on the colder Chicago days I love layering a pair of solid cotton or fleece leggings underneath for some extra warmth. We’ve got plenty more prints to come in this style, as well as our new Victory Leggings on the way!

Germaine // Company Owner & Designer

e17k300_the-swing-tunic_olive-heather_front_small_webWhat is that saying about the Cobbler’s Shoes? Ya know the one about how he repairs all the villagers’ shoes but his own children run around barefoot? Well, that’s kinda like me. I love to design clothes and I can outfit a stranger on the street, but like most people, I can’t always dress myself.

It hasn’t always been this way. When I was in my twenties, I could wear anything. I could rock those high-waisted jeans (that are right back in style, BTW) and boxy, crop tops with the rest of them but time plays dirty tricks on our bodies and the trends don’t seem to work for me anymore. So what’s a girl, ahem.. to do?

At Majamas Earth, we work best as a team so I consulted with my young, high-fashion and amazing staff to design the perfect top for all ages and body types. Too good to be true you say? Nope!

Take a peek at our Swing Top. We made it fitted thru the top and A-lined it out so nothing grabs or pulls around the waist. What makes this top even better is it can be worn with skinny jeans (yeah, I can still wear those but only with a heel, my 40+ friends) or a slim skirt. I love to layer it under a cropped jacket (another piece pulled right out of 1985) or all by itself with dark denim. We added a Majamas Earth print on the inside cuff so you can fold it and show some polka dots or wear it un-cuffed for a refined professional look. It’s been my go-to top since we produced it and it’s perfect for all seasons and all ages. So long to those nothing-to-wear mornings!

Atzimba // Production Coordinator & Designer

Every piece that enters my wardrobe of elites must undergo a strict panel of established classics by five rules:


Can it be dressed up?

Can it be dressed down?

Is it wearable in most seasons?

Can it be worn in at least three ways?

 Very importantly – does it exude sophistication with my own twist?


Once the garment makes it into my wardrobe – the fun begins.

I make the effort to wear all garments in as many combinations possible and let my inner stylist engage in fashion desires lead by mood and inspiration to my love and interpretation of classic eras.

The Vestaglia Robe has been a recent and versatile piece that has spruced up my wardrobe. I have it in a complimentary color to my skin and hair color, that brings out my natural blush.

Although it is a robe, I love wearing It as a wrap dress with knee high boots, statement earrings, and a fashionable hat.

Secondly, as a wrap top tucked under a pencil skirt and boots- accessorized by earrings and a fashionable silk scarf.

Third, as a long cardigan over a dress with boots.

Fourth, casually over a tank and denim cut off shorts.

Fifth, casually over a tank and leggings

Sixth, swim suit cover up.

Seventh! I almost forgot to mention as a traditional robe.

It is definitely a versatile piece to own and travel lightly with. I am a firm believer of living minimally and fully – this, ladies and gentlemen – is Atzimba Approved!

There you have it. Head to the site, browse awhile and find your own favorite.


-Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer



– the MAJAMAS team

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What are your favorite ESSENTIALS?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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