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There are a few Christmas’s that stand out in my mind as the best. One was my sophomore year of college. My family gathered for the last time in our big, old Beverly house to celebrate the holiday. My mom was proud of her Christmas house and she made it warm and inviting, filling it with smells of her homemade meatballs and lasagna. I can still see her standing at the kitchen counter rolling rum balls in powdered sugar and making cheese balls for the countless people she spoiled in the neighborhood.
Another was during college when my sisters, brothers and I flew to Florida arriving at the Sarasota airport to find a big Santa standing next to the baggage claim. He had a dark tan and a big Italian nose and we knew immediately it was my dad. Santa made lots of appearances that week and I can still see him floating down the canal surrounding my parents’ complex on a massive pontoon boat singing carols and shouting greetings to all he passed.
Christmas time always filled me with a childlike excitement. The weeks leading up to it had a magical feel that helped me get thru finals in college and projects at work but once I started working as a Visual Merchandiser in a major retail store, the holidays started to lose their luster. I had a bird’s eye view of the shoppers below as I stood on ladders hanging ornaments.

Everyone looked stressed & miserable – the entire holiday became cheap and superficial to me.
christmas-cheer-quoteBeing raised Catholic, I know what Christmas is all about but how did it get so out of hand?

I started having a huge dislike for the whole season but after having kids, I began to enjoy Christmas a little more. Watching them open presents and baking them cookies helped me regain that magical feeling again. I have realized that the magic that comes from Christmas isn’t the anticipation of receiving but the anticipation of giving. Yeah, corny and trite but it’s true. I have learned that making others happy is what makes me happy.



I have adopted this spirit of giving in my business.



Honestly, I have started finding that if I can design a garment that makes someone feel beautiful and comfortable wearing it, then I am happy. Knowing I have created a clothing company that stays true to our mission of designing beautiful clothes that won’t hurt our planet, makes me even happier.

Maybe it wasn’t the shoppers who were miserable in that store, but me.  I have learned that doing what we love so we can give back to others is what the spirit of Christmas is all about. If we can do things that make the world better and improve the lives of others, we can actually spread the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.
My parents showed me this spirit doesn’t always show itself thru material things. Making people feel loved and welcome can have a bigger impact than anything you buy in a store. So challenge yourself this year to bring a little happiness to someone each day and I guarantee you, this will be your happiest year yet.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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What do you do to spread Christmas cheer?!

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