Sights Set on Summer Styles

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Summer Saturdays were special when I was little. My parents would pack a lunch for seven, a massive tent and all of us into their red station wagon. They’d drive 15 minutes to Jones Beach and we’d spend the day playing in the surf and sand. By the end of the day, we’d be completely exhausted. Before heading back home, my mom would take off our wet suits and wrap us in one of her homemade towel robes. Yeah, they were pretty much what they sound like; little dresses made from towels sewn together, soft, absorbent and perfect for summer.

Beach Pic.jpg

Girls On Beach.jpg

The towel robe isn’t trending for summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable at the beach.

Made from soft, absorbent fabric and available in a bunch of whimsical print combos, you’ll feel just as comfy in a MAJAMAS EARTH Picolli Short. It’s perfect for wearing on the beach, by the pool or even to bed. Pair it with one of our matching bras, your bikini top or a boy tank and start the summer off fashionably comfortable.

Twitter Picoli Shorts Oasis Beach.jpg

Looking for a longer option?

Our Restorative Pant is made from a soft blend of Cotton/Modal and it’s perfect for hot summer days. The front pockets come in handy for storing a little cash when that ice cream shop pops up on your 4 mile walk and it’s available in three colors.

E15K501_The Restorative Pant_Picante_Lifestyle_Small

Top both these bottoms off with our Qualcosa Tank. It’s airy, soft and sexy. For a sporty look, tuck the front into our Restorative Pant or wear it loose with a skinny jean and heels for a night out. The wicking fabrics will keep you cool and the design will keep you right in line with the runway.

E15K301_The Qualcosa Tank_Prismatic_Lifestyle_Small

So even though we can’t wrap ourselves into my mom’s towel robes, we can still get that cool, comfy feeling this summer without sacrificing our fashion or our dignity.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer



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