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Mondays can bum anyone out. Even those of us who love what they do struggle with the Sunday Blues. Yeah, it’s a real thing. Mine started in college. After a weekend of football and parties… especially after a weekend of football and parties… reality would set in and I’d find myself facing a few hours of homework to finish…well, ok, to start. In a way, those Sunday Blues followed me into adulthood and even though I love my business, I’m still not a fan of Sunday nights.

Facing a new week can stress anyone out but it seems it gets to some more than others. Maybe that’s why most heart attacks happen on Monday mornings. Combine that first day of the week with a jump in time and you’re looking at a 24% increase in heart attacks on the Monday after we spring ahead. Yep, losing that one hour of sleep seems to be the culprit, but what happens when we gain an hour?

Good news! That extra hour we gain when we fall back to Standard Time actually decreases heart attack rates by 21%. The take away? That extra hour brings us hope and probably a little more sleep.

We’re facing fall-behind and for me, it feels more like I’m getting a full day back, not just one hour. I love the Sunday after we fall behind and I’m here to share some healthy ways to make the best of that extra hour.

5 Ways to Seize the Day

1. Sleep In

If that stat about heart attacks didn’t drive home the importance of sleep, you should know that sleep is vital to our overall health. It isn’t just good for our brains, but it’s good for our guts too. Sleep restores our vital organs and actually helps our guts produce the good bacteria we need to stay in balance. Maybe that’s why so many people with insomnia gain weight in their bellies. It’s true! Make sleep a priority and you may find a thinner you come thru.

2. Write A Letter

These days, anyone can send a quick text or an email but how often do you get a written card in the mail? A handwritten note shows a person you took the time to write and you really thought about them. Even a short paragraph is enough. Make it special and write it on some pretty, recycled, recyclable cards. Or course, our favorites are printed, bright and whimsical like Rifle Paper Co.

3. Workout

Go for a run, walk your dog, hit the gym, do yoga or whatever you can to make use of that extra time. Sundays are meant for “ME” time so use the extra hour to do just that. Exercise increases our Serotonin levels keeping us positive and it’s a perfect way to help us avoid those Sunday Blues.

4. Read

The-Eclipse-PJ-Set_Oasis_Lifestyle_SmallMake it a happy read that pulls you into a better place.

So many people who don’t read aren’t reading because they aren’t reading the good stuff.

Pick a book that lifts your spirits and makes you laugh.

Some of my favorites are:

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris: One of my favorites by Sedaris and so funny, I promise you’ll laugh out loud. Especially when reading the chapter about his brother Paul.

I Hate MYSelfie, by Shane Dawson: A memoir by the now famous YouTube star that’s honest, compassionate and funny.

Park Avenue Summer, by Renee Rawson: A great read about a young woman who becomes Helen Gurley Brown’s assistant when she’s re-launching Cosmo in 1965.

5. Meet with Friends or Family

The-Sporty-Bra_Merlot_The-Picolli-Short_Meeko_The-Vinny-V-Neck-Tee_Zinfandel_The-Franco-Jogger-Pant_Black_Lifestyle_Small.jpgGet off your devices and have a good face to face with your best friend.

Seems by the time Sunday comes along, we literally feel as if we’re out of time but that extra hour is perfect for hanging out with someone who brings us joy.

Choose wisely. The last thing we need is to surround ourselves with people who stress us out. You’ll get enough of that Monday morning…

One extra hour may not seem like much but well spent, it can be just the thing to help you thru those Sunday Blues. Make it count and for those with homework, get it done on Saturday.

Take it from ME, postponing your to-do list just makes Sundays harder to face.

Life… and weekends… are too short to let them pass without a little extra ME time, so use your extra hour to make yourself happy.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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