Positive Anything Beats Negative Nothing

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Every Spring is a reawakening. Trees bud, flowers sprout and the grass turns vibrant green.  I’m amazed by nature and how these things that looked dead, are actually alive and well inside. So if nature can experience rebirth, why can’t we?

As I write this, I’m stunned by the bombings in Belgium and the horrible actions of humans. Why must we continuously destroy ourselves instead of using our masterful minds to make the world better? Do those who cause such pain and suffering truly believe the rest of us will sympathize with their cause after they kill innocent people? I realize these acts of terror are about power and domination but when will we realize we get more “bees with honey than vinegar”? I sound like “Pollyanna” and incredibly naive but if someone wants me to buy their product, listen to their message or adopt their religion, they’re more likely to appeal to me thru kindness and positivity.

Which brings me oddly back to spring. This is the time of year we need to regroup, reflect and grow. We need to mend our spirits and bring positive energy back to the planet, but how do we do that when the news feels so bleak?


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I’m challenging you to keep the spirit of spring and remain hopeful. Start by noticing the light around you and embrace the positive even when the world seems dark. I’m aware of how simplistic this seems. World problems are complicated but solutions to all issues come from each of us being hopeful. Without hope, we don’t grow and our futures feel empty.

So let’s reject those spreading doom and destruction, anger and fear.

Instead, share kindness. Support those who are positive and HOPEFUL.

This applies to everyone from our politicians down to the clothes we buy. Does your representative spread a negative message? Does the company supplying your power support positive alternatives to mining our planet dry? Is the shirt you’re wearing made by a company who pollutes the planet or mistreats their employees? Do your homework before spending your money and you will realize by supporting positive people and companies we create hope for the future.

Urge your neighbors, friends and family to stay hopeful and let’s help spring generate a positive rebirth in all of us. This feeling of growth and rebirth is worth holding onto and I guarantee you, when you support the positive, hope springs from within us, just like those buds on the trees.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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