Nothing Goes to Waste

What do you do when your Broadway show shuts down due to a major pandemic? Actors Jessica Naimy and her husband Ben Mayne headed to Chicago to open The Unwaste Shop, but it’s not as if they just got in a car and landed there. Jessica, originally from Detroit, Michigan, and Ben, originally from Austin, Texas were native Mid-westerners. They previously worked in Chicago’s vibrant theater scene and knew it was the place to open their unique pop-up shop.

The Unwaste Shop is exactly what it sounds like; a place to find eco-friendly alternatives for anything from toothpaste to floor cleaner that don’t come packaged in single-use plastic. Their assortment of products are sensible and stunning. Proof there’s no need to sacrifice style in order to save the planet.

In this episode of our MAJAMAS EARTH CARE WHAT YOU WEAR & SO MUCH MORE Podcast, you’ll love learning more about Jess and Ben’s experiences working on Broadway and their inspiration to open a sustainable shop in one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods. Join ME and see how easy it is to purchase beautiful products that don’t harm our beautiful planet.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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