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Last winter I was on a mission to clean out my closets. I got a tad obsessed and found myself digging thru not only my clothes, but those sad stragglers left hanging in my daughters’ closets that didn’t make the cut when they went to school. After feeling purged and exhilarated to have valuable space back I decided to clean out Russell’s closet, which I’d never done before.

OK, so everyone knows how obsessed I am with buying ethically made in the USA clothes for women, but I have to admit, I never gave this much thought for men. I don’t purchase a lot of clothing for Russ and as I plowed thru his old (very old) tees, pants and shorts, I realized he didn’t have a lot of USA MADE labels in his wardrobe.

Ethical clothing for men is out there and since digging thru Russell’s closet, I’ve discovered some really beautiful brands that are USA made but none that are super casual and designed using soft but weighty fabrics like the ones we use in MAJAMAS EARTH.

That dig thru his closet was one of the driving inspirations for MFM… MAJAMAS for MEN.

We’ve been making beautiful, comfortable and eco-friendly clothing for women a long time and we’ve gotten a lot of requests to make a men’s line over the years. When we had our store, men would say things like, “Wow! I wish you made stuff for men out of this fabric!” or “You should make a men’s line. I’d love to wear this kind of fabric.”

So, after much thought and a driving passion to offer men an ethically-made-in-the-USA option, we finally did it. Of course, we did it the MAJAMAS way! We’ve used our beautiful, cotton/Modal fabric and added a touch of detail in every piece. Our tees have a printed, inside shoulder lining for added durability. Our boxer/briefs have a printed inside liner for extra wicking and comfort and our Joggers have printed, lined pockets cause we can all use more of those.

The Wally Crew-Neck_Zinfandel_Black_Lifestyle 1_Small

Last week we just got our first delivery of our men’s tees. Russell doesn’t have to dress up for work (or much of anything these days) but we do work at desks facing each other and I was tired of seeing him in raggedy, oversized tees that were a tad too casual for the office. Now he can sport our Wally Crew Neck that actually fits across his wide, swimmer shoulders. We gave the same kind of room to our Vinny ‘V’ Neck Tee and both look relaxed enough to pair with denim but refined enough to wear under a blazer or even with a dress pant on a semi-casual day to the office.

Best of all, we’re thrilled to give men an alternative to the mass produced, fast fashion tees flooding the market. Like all MAJAMAS EARTH clothing, MFM (MAJAMAS for MEN) is a beautifully made, consciously produced clothing line that doesn’t harm our beautiful planet. So make some room in your closet and pick up a few. I promise you it feels good to buy clothing that’s responsibly made and you’ll look pretty darn good too.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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What styles should be next in our MFM collection ?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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