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ALL ABOUT ME 116 JUNE 2018 Final

It was one of those calls you never want to get. Russell’s sister was crying and she struggled to relay the news. His dad had, had a heart attack (or what appeared to be) and he was in the hospital. I started searching flights to Tucson even before he hung up the phone.

Russell’s dad is 95 years old, and trust me he’s far from a delicate flower. A few years back, we had a similar call. His dad had what appeared to be a stroke. Russ flew to see him and after a day of not speaking, his dad said, “Hi kid” as soon as Russ walked into his hospital room. After a week or so, his dad had fully recovered and went back to driving himself to Bingo and his own dialysis treatments.

Russ's Parents Square.jpgThankfully, this event was similar. After a week and a half in the hospital, his 95 year old dad is in a beautiful rehab center and back to his bright, joking and amazing self.

I told Russell that unlike me, he comes from hearty stock.

It will be ten years since I lost my dad and much like Russ’ dad, he was one tough guy, but at the age of 81 he’d finally succumbed to a nasty blood cancer. It was tough to see him physically failing cause my dad was always so strong and hearty.

I think Russell felt the same way after his dad’s last scare.

As kids, we don’t expect to see our dads weak. I mean, he’s the guy that can lift any box, carry furniture up a flight of stairs or open any jar. Our dads can feel larger than life when we’re kids and watching them lose their strength is kinda like watching Superman fight off Kryptonite. You’re cheering for them to overcome and unwilling to accept their unthinkable defeat.

I know our girls look at Russ as a man of steal. He’s strong, confident and always smiling. He’s the calming force when things get crazy and he has a way of lightening up the heaviest of situations. Our girls know he’s the one to go to when their computers fail or if they need cash…. um, I haven’t had a dollar in my purse since credit cards could swipe! Whenever we went on vacation, Russ would pull out a bag of tricks to keep the girls occupied on the plane. A deck of cards, a small board game, a special snack or their favorite toy they thought they left behind. Russ was the guy in the pool tossing them up in the air or racing them to the side. He bought all the toys for all the holidays and they knew the only stuff coming from me was new underwear and socks. Now that they’re older, I wonder if our girls notice his knee hurts a little when he walks or he sometimes has trouble hearing them over the din in a loud restaurant.

Addy Genna & Russ

The older Russell’s dad gets, the more I see him in Russ. They share the same sense of humor, the same mannerisms and way of speaking.

Seeing physical traits is the obvious reminder of what our parents pass down to us, but there’s so much more we get from them we don’t see.

Regardless of whether children are being raised by two parents of the same gender or two parents of the opposite gender, two parents have the benefit of bouncing decisions and responsibilities off each other. Shoutout to single parents too! They have to balance both worlds, which is even more admirable. I couldn’t imagine parenting alone without someone else to help with the day to day.

Russell and his family have never cared too much about Hallmark holidays, but I have a feeling this Father’s Day will be different. Their dad’s brief encounters with death are stark reminders we must show our gratitude for having them in our lives and tell them daily how much we love and appreciate them.

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How do the men in your lives inspire you?

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  1. I’m excited that you are offering a men’s line. My husband is an inspiration of treating every member of our family with respect and generosity. He provides for us and cares for us so that our needs are met and our hearts feel cared for. He isn’t perfect, but in making each one of us feel treasured and protected, he does a great job. And as those traits trickle down to my young adult son, he is the one that spreads his love and protection from the people in his life, to animals and the planet. He cares about what you care about—and I feel that the future is in safe hands!

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