#Majamas_Earth Instagram Contest

WE ARE MAJAMAS Magazine 36 MAR 2016 WE MAKE Final

Social media has had its fair share of bad raps. It can be vapid, inundating, addicting, and possess other, less-than-appealing qualities. But it’s also kind of amazing, when you think about it.

It’s an opportunity to connect, communicate, share, inspire, dream, vent, dare, desire, get closer, get familiar, get friendly.

As a business, we love social media for the chance to get to know all of you, even if we don’t have a brick & mortar storefront or as frequent in-person interactions with our wonderful customers as we used to (we miss this, often). Being an online retailer has its perks, but we love knowing what you’re up to, what’s exciting for you, what you’re craving, and what you’re loving.

So, whether you’ve been quiet, coy or uber-conversational with us on social media, we are sincerely hoping that you…


for the #MAJAMAS EARTH Instagram Contest

for a chance to win FREE stuff! (Think a bra, a top, shorts, jammies, pants, an accessory, or who knows what the prize-of-all-prizes may be?!)

MAJAMAS Instagram Contest


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(if you don’t already!)

Post a photo of your favorite MAJAMAS EARTH look:

Put on your MAJAMAS EARTH apparel and take a selfie, or have a family member or friend snap a pic. Wear anything that tickles your fancy, fires you up, or makes you feel like a million bucks. Just make sure it’s MAJAMAS EARTH! Your photo could be:

— a quick, stylized snap of your latest purchase

— a shot of how you style your favorite PJ shirt to work double-duty for a night out

–a sneak peek of a detail you love, like your printed bra peeking out from the back of your shirt

– a cozy snapshot of you snuggled up in your jammies

All photo contest submissions must include a caption with the hashtag:


*Include hashtag with all submissions, whether on Instagram or Facebook.

*You may include more text in the caption (beyond the hashtag), but it’s not required.


– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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