Laundry Day, the Eco Way


Laundry. No matter how many loads you do in a day, you’ll always have more. Maybe I think about laundry more because I’m in the clothing biz, but I’m pretty sure we all obsess over it a couple times a week. Still, seeing I design and make clothes, I probably look at laundry a little more closely than most people.

I need to think about how the temperature of the water and the detergents we use impact our MAJAMAS EARTH clothing, but lately I care more about how that stuff impacts our environment. If a detergent or dryer sheet is strong enough to take out heavy stains and odors, can it still be ok for the planet?

The answer is YES! Let’s start with the laundry detergent…

Most laundry detergent companies don’t have to list their ingredients on their bottles, so that means they can put anything in them. Perfumes, dyes and chemicals we can’t even pronounce go into so many of them, yet we have no problem soaking our clothes in it… the same clothes that touch our skin 24/7.

This is one of the reasons we’re adding Meliora Cleaning Products to our site. Owned by Kate Jakubas and her partner Mike Mayer, it’s located a block away from our MAJAMAS EARTH HQ.

Kate and Mike are Engineers who care about the planet as much as we do. Not only are their cleaning products amazing and safe to use, but they come in recyclable cardboard and tin containers. When you run low, they offer refills in recyclable bags and they recommend keeping the optional scoop and original container for easier use. I love their Lemon/Lavender/Clove laundry detergent but they make other scents too and a completely Unscented version. Best of all, the scents don’t hang around forever. For me, nothing’s worse than smelling your laundry detergent over your own perfume. Even the name says it’s superior to other laundry detergents. Meliora means “better” in Latin. Now you’re learning…

Next step in laundry is drying. I’m gonna level with you here… I kind of love using my dryer. Even though I know it’s an environmental no-no, throwing my machine-washables into the dryer feels like the only way to get my dog’s hair off my clothing.

Thing is, animal hair can be just what we need to get animal hair off our clothes. That’s why I love Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls. A trio of these balls help air circulate around clothes while they’re turning in your dryer. That helps to cut down on drying time, making your dryer work less and more efficiently.

Felted-Alpaca-Dryer-Balls-1USA MADE and handmade from 100% all-natural hypoallergenic felted alpaca fibers, this sustainable dryer ball has no artificial fillers, chemical dyes or perfumes, so you can protect your skin and clothing in confidence. When it bounces around your laundry machine it increases airflow around wet clothes, sheets or towels, absorbs moisture and reduces static without shedding on your clothing.

In addition to softening garments and eliminating wrinkles, it saves electricity by decreasing drying time up to 35% – a win-win for you and the environment!

Simply place three Alpaca balls in your dryer, add wet clothes and press start. The balls will tumble around with the laundry, evenly distributing heat until everything is soft, static free and yep, dry.

The best part? This multi-use product is so durable it can last anywhere from months to years depending on usage. Even if it shrinks, it remains just as effective and can eventually be composted, leaving zero waste behind, unlike a typical dryer sheet or plastic dryer ball.

Partial to a pretty scent (lavender or lilac, perhaps)? Apply several drops of essential oils to scent your dryer balls. The first time you’re applying the oil we recommend running dryer balls alone on a short cycle or placing them into a closed pillowcase in your dryer so oil spots don’t stain any of your favorite fabrics.

Our Alpaca balls come from Huacya (wah-Ki-ah) and Suri (soo-ree), two Alpacas roaming free… kinda… on a California Alpaca farm. Trust ME, you will absolutely love how your clothes come out of the dryer and I love that it doesn’t hurt the Alpacas when they shave them.

Next time you’re browsing our site or adding a few items to your cart, add a set of Felted Alpaca Dryer Balls or some Meliora Laundry Detergent to your order. We may not be able to separate your whites or match up those socks, but we’re thrilled to offer products that can take the worry out cleaning your clothes. Happy laundry day!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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