Laughter is the Best Medicine


My mom used to say funny people have to be smart. “It’s close to impossible to be witty without being intelligent, so surround yourself with those people and you may just learn a few things.” As usual, she was right.

A Newsweek article from 2017 says “Not only are funny people smart, they’re nice to be around. Evidence suggests that having a good sense of humor is linked to high emotional intelligence and is a highly desirable quality in a partner.” If your partner isn’t that funny, don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered…

Check out what makes my day from beginning to end and give one or all a try for a good laugh.

Start with Morning Brew in your inbox. Founded by Alex Lieberman, this witty financial newsletter is so much more than numbers. Lieberman and his partner Austin Rief have made business news a heck of a lot easier to digest than other, traditional sources. They’re delivery is casual, witty and incredibly clever, so reading about Q1 forecasts and national security is actually kind of fun. Seems I’m not the only one captivated by them either. They just hit the 3 million subscribers mark and they’ve branched out into specialty newsletters like Retail Brew… a twice per week must-read that covers all things retail in the same, witty tone of their regular Brew. No time to read? Don’t worry, they have a great podcast called Business Casual.

Speaking of Podcasts, when was the last time you laughed out loud? I drive a lot and get tired of listening to music so I find myself listening to podcasts. There’s a lot of serious ones like The Climbahem… gotta mention one I’ve been on, but when I need a break from reality, I go for Amy Schumer’s 3 Girls, 1 Keith on Spotify. Ok, WARNING! This is NOT for the faint of heart or those too fragile to hear some pretty filthy humor, but I guarantee it will bring you to tears. Amy, along with her two best friends Bridgett Everett and Rachel Feinstein, talk about everything. Their guests are pulled into their madness and range from little kids… don’t worry they behave… to stand up comedians. Keith Robinson adds a strange, sometimes icky, sometimes funny but always man-sided perspective and the 3 Girls decimate his ego every chance they get. If podcasts were rated, this one would be triple X for language, but podcasts are tough to do. These Girls make me feel as if I’m eavesdropping from the booth next door ’cause their conversations feel easy and honest. Sure, they may be filthy, but they actually have some decent morals and solid values that occasionally shine thru. Just look out for Bridget when they do Pound it or Pass it… she gets visual here and you will be shocked and maybe even a little amazed at her creativity.

I’ve always liked stand up. I admire the amount of work comedians have to do to prepare their routine. They have to be tuned in to what’s happening in the world, great writers and relatable to a big audience. It’s an incredibly tough job so when good ones come along like John Mulaney, I admire how they do it. John has an easy delivery making the everyday funny. He’s a former writer for SNL and his take on life is hilarious. He has a special on Netflix called Kid Gorgeous but you can catch his humor describing movies for Esquire here.

The Aurora Top_Cypress_The Polsino Pant_Gioia_The Vinny V-Neck Tee Shirt_Cinder_The Franco Jogger Pant_Cypress_Lifestyle_Small.jpgReading, listening and watching comedy isn’t a cop-out. Trust ME, it’s good for us.

“Neuropsychological studies have found that experiencing positive emotional states, such as joy, fun and happiness, increases the production of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine not only makes us feel great, it also opens up the learning centers of the brain, which enables and sustains more neural connections. As a result, we become more flexible and creative in our thinking, and better at solving problems. It also boosts our working memory.”

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the bad news, join ME and turn to the funny stuff.

Oh, and don’t give ME grief for my choices above. Anyone who’s watched British comedies will tell you, what’s funny for one may be drudgery for another.

Find your funny and share it with ME. We’d love to know what makes you laugh.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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