It’s Time to Get Into Gear

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My mother wanted all her children to know how to swim. So when we moved to Chicago, she put us all on the local swim team. I can’t remember how my siblings did on their first day, but I showed up in a little bikini (I was nine years old), filled with dread. I could tread water but had no clue how to swim a lap, so I was put into the “Garbage Group” with a bunch of little kids. It was scary and hard, but I stuck it out (not always by choice) and gradually turned into a decent swimmer.

Showing up to workout in a bikini made me look like the newbie I was, but as soon as my mom got me a one-piece tank, my confidence grew. I didn’t stand out as much and it felt like my fellow teammates took me a little more seriously, even if they were only five years old.

The moral of this story? Get the right gear when starting a new workout routine. Clothes, shoes and gear are great motivators and make your workouts so much more enjoyable.

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A fun printed legging and the right sports bra can do wonders for your yoga practice, Pilates training or even your new walking routine. Looking good after your workout is probably important to you too. If you look and feel great while you exercise, you’ll probably stick with it longer.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fashionable New Year!



– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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