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People hear the word ghost and immediately think of those teenage horror flicks from the eighties, but this is where I’m different from most people. I don’t run from ghosts. Actually, I’m fascinated by the thought of spirits stopping in for a visit, as long as they’re nice.

We’d lived in our house about six months before we suspected it was “haunted.” It wasn’t like The Shining or anything. Nope, our ghost was nice and did little things like jiggling all our doorknobs upstairs at the same time and other annoying stuff to let us know she was there. When land lines were still a thing, she’d unplug them from the walls. After embracing the move to cellular, she turned to our lights. Every so often, one would turn on or off just to remind us she was around and no, not a wiring issue… had that checked. Oh and this stuff happened long before tech came along, so not a Smart Home issue either.

Dominican University Haunted House REVISEDOut of all our rooms, the front hall was her favorite.

Every pet we’ve had would sit in our hallway and look up at someone or something from time to time.

We could never see who they were looking at but “they” say animals are more sensitive to spirits than people.

Our first dog would sit on command in front of no one and lift her paw up as if to shake. It made us laugh and we were thrilled she could do tricks even if she never did anything like that for us. Our cats would twist and turn around an invisible leg and purr as if greeting their favorite person. It was kind of comforting to watch, and we figured if it were an evil ghost, our pets probably wouldn’t be doing tricks or be as happy to “see” it.

But our pets weren’t the only ones to witness our ghost. At the end of a party, when we were saying goodnight to a group of friends standing by our large foyer door, a bead fell from nowhere right in the middle of where we were standing. All the women checked their earrings and jewelry to be sure it didn’t come from them, but it was obvious it didn’t. It was an old, hand-made filigree bead and it didn’t look like anything any of us would be wearing, at least not in this century. We all wondered where it fell from. I mean, our ceilings are high but not cavernous and there’s no ledge or place it could have been resting on before it fell.

I guess our ghost wanted to make sure our friends knew we weren’t crazy.

Witnessing a “haunting” makes it tough to be a disbeliever. Even my scientific husband who does his best to explain away all the weird things that have happened in our house has trouble coming up with rational explanations when he sees all the doorknobs in our hallway jiggling at once or the dog doing her tricks for invisible people.

We learned to accept our little ghost but she doesn’t visit as often as she used to these days. I think it’s because a stronger one’s arrived.

The month before my mom died, we’d made a pact to try to stay in touch. Yeah, I know, most people don’t talk like that to the dying but like me, my mom was into spirits and she called on them from time to time. She had a group she called the “Fearsome Foursome”. Two were her parents and the other two were good friends. Any time she heard about someone who was sick or worried about one of us kids, she’d ask her “Fearsome Foursome” to help her out. Sure enough, most times her little group came thru. The sick neighbor had a miraculous recovery or her son, my crazy brother, didn’t die after flipping his car… ahem… I think even he was amazed he walked away without a scratch that night.

The-Champagne-Robe_Maplewood_Lifestyle_Small.jpgSo, before she died, my mom told me I should call on her for help.

It was tough to hear at the time but now I’m grateful we talked about it before she passed over.

She said, “I will be a lot more help to you kids when I’m there.” Wherever her “there” was…

So now, all I do is close my eyes, send her a thank you for setting me up for success and ask for help and guidance whenever I need it.

Call it meditation, call it praying, call it whatever you want but it works for me and I recommend it for everyone, especially if you’ve lost someone close to you.

She doesn’t only help me on a personal level either. I like to think of my mom as a kind of spiritual mentor. If you didn’t know this, it was my mom who named my company and as promised, every time we’re faced with a challenging issue, my mom sends a clear path to help. Someone emails a large order, a supplier comes thru in a pinch or we come up with a great idea for a marketing campaign.

Most of you already know this but my mom was a passionate environmentalist and her influence continues to impact how we do business at MAJAMAS EARTH. I continue to feel her nudging me in a better direction and I believe she is the one orchestrating our move away from using synthetics in our collection to all natural fibers by the spring of 2020. Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as coincidence, so when a friend casually mentioned I should contact a guy who happens to own a fabric mill and is just as passionate about the planet as I am, well, I believe my mom had something to do with that. We couldn’t make this move without a supplier like him.

Call me crazy… a lot of people do… but inspiration has to come from somewhere or someone. Even if that someone died 20 years ago.

Look, death is a part of life. It’s going to happen to all of us and it’s incredibly difficult to say goodbye to the people we love, but I believe people die so the living appreciate life more. It makes those of us left behind take inventory of our lives and in a way it can work as a kind of motivator for change. I launched MAJAMAS EARTH the year after my mom died because the reality of just how short life is hit me hard and I figured if I wanted to start my own business, well I better get moving.

I’m not trying to make this sound trivial either. Losing a loved one like a child or someone unexpectedly is close to impossible to bear and I have no words or magic potion to take that pain away. Even for those of us thinking we’re prepared, saying goodbye to someone we love is painful and time is the only thing… I promise… that helps us heal. But once we’re able to move past that initial, horrible pain, feeling a loved one’s presence after they die can be comforting.

Now don’t get all preachy with ME. I’m not talking about religion here, even though it sounds like it. Relying on our ancestors and loved ones who’ve passed before us for guidance and help on earth is not new and it’s a practice we should all embrace.

Ghost in the hall messing with your pets? Could be… but the next time you feel as if you’re in the presence of someone else and no one is physically there, embrace the feeling. As long as you aren’t afraid and you feel at peace, think about the person who might be reaching out and let them help you.

I promise, you’ll become more intuitive and sensitive to those around you and I’m not just talking about the ghosts! Who knows, you may just get the insight you need to resolve a pressing issue, reach out to a friend in need or even start a business.

Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Costume Makeup 2.jpgAs we approach Dia de Los Muertos, I encourage you to celebrate your ancestors and those who’ve died before you. Cook their favorite meal, play their favorite music, pull out photos of them and decorate with colorful flowers.

It’s a rare holiday that celebrates both life and death and I believe if we all acknowledged that life is short and death is inevitable, we might just live better, richer lives.

Celebrating our dead is a great way to become more comfortable with the inevitable and hey, you may just get your dog to learn some new tricks in the process.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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