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Pete and I were soul mates. From the first day we met, I knew he got me. Funny thing was, he wasn’t the one I was attracted to at first. It was his brother, Johnny who caught my eye. Johnny was the calm one laying on his side while Pete jumped around like a maniac just so I’d notice him. I guess it worked ‘cause instead of leaving with one, I went home with two kittens that day.

Pete Cat REVISEDTo this day, Pete has been one of my most beloved pets. Johnny died weeks after I brought him home from an undiagnosed case of Distemper, but Pete lived another 16 years and he was our only cat for a good five of those. That’s when we got another kitty.

Introducing two cats isn’t normally an easy thing but Pete quickly welcomed Wally when we brought him home… just sayin’… most cat introductions don’t go as well as theirs and I credit Pete for that.

When our old Lucy dog had to be put down, Pete laid his head on her arm as the vet injected her with the necessary dose of meds. He stayed by her side till her heart stopped then slowly walked away with his head down.  My vet thought that was the oddest thing she’d ever seen and an incredibly “human” act for a cat.

He was generous with his time and his people, welcoming our Josie dog as a puppy and again, eight years later, comforting her the day she died. I believed and hoped he’d live forever until the week before our youngest headed to college. He looked at me that morning and I understood he knew the timing was bad but he couldn’t hold on any longer. Unknown to us, he was silently battling stomach cancer and we had to say goodbye to him when I was already dreading my “empty nest’.

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Like most of us who love their pets, I’d have done anything for Pete. Honestly I guess I’d do anything for any of my pets and it appears I’m not alone.

At last check, the pet industry was an $86 billion business, proof we’ll buy almost anything to make our furry family members happy.

Like all things in my world, I care about the pet products we use and I believe in buying as many natural, organic alternatives as possible for them. Why? Because everything we put in our home and into our pets impacts our planet for better or worse.

I know how tough it can be to choose the best pet products so, in honor of National Pet month let ME make it easier for you.

Here’s a list of our favorites from gear to snacks used and approved by some of us at MAJAMAS EARTH

Eco-Friendly Pet Brands

Fidos Flip Scarf_Lifestyle_Stargaze_Turkish Taffy_Small.jpgMAJAMAS EARTH Pet Scarves OK so pets don’t always need clothes but there’s nothing like a reversible, retro scarf made from 100% cotton to dress up your fur baby.

They come in sizes small enough for your Russian Bleu and big enough for your Great Dane. Since they’re double sided, you’ll get double wear from them.

Pet N Pet Oxo Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags Plastic Bags are bad enough, but fill them with poop and ya have a real issue.

We love these alternatives made from ASTM D6954 plastic that decompose in just 90-180 days, unlike most compostable pet bags that take 100 years or more to disintegrate. I like them cause they’re heavy and easy to open… important when your pup is on the move!

Sojo’s Natural Freeze-Dried Raw Meat Treats We like the 100% lamb. High protein and gentle on puppy’s tummy. Needless to say, our dog LOVES this treat and would do anything for one. Good for training!

Halo 100% Meat Cat (and Dog) Treats My guys love these! Cats are carnivores by nature and these 100% raw salmon treats are tasty and good for them too.

The Forte Tank_Baya_The Tempo Libre Pant_Black_Lifestyle 2_Small REVISED.jpgVet’s Best Flea & Tick Treatment This is a spot-on treatment important to use so your babies don’t carry any unwanted friends around with them. It’s a monthly treatment and easier on their systems.

World’s Best Cat Litter I never realized cat litter stuck around the landfills a long, long time. Introducing kitty litter made from corn so unlike the sandy stuff, this stuff won’t linger.

Just Nutritive Shampoo This shampoo has essential oils in it and smells like fresh oranges. No more stinky puppy!

Vet’s Best Dental Gel Toothpaste Yeah, your pets should be brushing twice daily just like us. This toothpaste is easy to use and the flavor is a treat for them.

P.L.A.Y Dog and Cat Beds This B Corp makes sustainable eco beds so your pets can relax and you can too knowing they’re resting on a clean alternative.

There may never be another Pete but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Loretta, Wally or my crazy Vinny kitty. Our pets give us comfort and relieve our stress helping us deal with life’s little things. Isn’t it right we give them only the very best?

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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What are your favorite eco-friendly pet products?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below!

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