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We all get them. You know, those gifts that end up in a drawer, in the back of a dark closet or even thrown away. While we can’t always tell people what to get us, we can give gifts that have more meaning so they don’t end up in a landfill. Taking time to think about who you’re gifting can really make a difference in what you get them. Think about what interests your receiver.

It’s easy to default to a quick cheap online purchase that is trending on any given site, but we recommend supporting a local shop or boutique whenever possible!

INSTA Ethical Fashion Vote Quote.jpgGifts are more likely to be better quality, more unique (even handmade!) and definitely more thoughtful for only a few dollars more.

In addition, supporting small local businesses helps entrepreneurs (like MAJAMAS!) keep their companies alive during a time when the big e-commerce players are impacting our favorite indie stores forcing them to close their doors. (Especially the little guys that create beautiful eco-friendly products that don’t leave a big carbon footprint on the environment!) Shopping local builds our communities giving us valuable face-to-face relationships you just can’t get from the big online giants.

Get to know your local retailers and the small online shops!

You will get valuable personalized service and suggestions; you may even find a one-stop-shop for all the giftees on your list!

If they love coffee, a simple gift card to their favorite shop tucked inside a reusable mug, of course. If they love flowers, how about a sample box of essential oils they can drop into their water or add to their Shea butter? If they love clothing, how about giving them MAJAMAS?

MAJAMAS has grown a lot this year. We’ve added to our assortments and thanks to my twenty-something daughters, we make a lot of great clothing that spans a vast age range. For a teenager, how about a Picoli Short in her school colors or our Tempo Libre jogger? For your friend who loves to workout, how about our Forte Tank and a Circuit Short? That friend that only wears jeans and a t-shirt? How about our Ashland Top and a Polsino Pant? For your pregnant friend? How about a Belinda Hoodie or Genna PJ set and our Swaddling Blanket that’s sure to be baby’s favorite, I promise.

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Too much to think about? No sweat! We’ve made it easy for you by combining our favorites and putting them into a customized box (recyclable, of course) so all you have to do is pick one here. We’ll even ship it right to them if you can’t make it to that Holiday party or across the country to see the fam.

Karma is real, and I’d like to think that by giving more thoughtfully, you will receive better gifts that you’ll actually use. Remember, it’s the thought that counts! So let’s all be sure to think this Holiday gifting stuff thru and give gifts that matter, so they don’t end up in that dark wasteland of Christmas past!

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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What are your favorite local shops?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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