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I must have been no older than eight when my brother found my little stash of gifts I’d hidden in my room before Christmas. An eight year old doesn’t really have the budget to buy each sibling a pricey gem, but I recall feeling pretty pleased I’d gotten all my goodies wrapped and ready for our family exchange. I didn’t even panic when he picked up each wrapped package, shaking it so he could guess what was inside.

That is until he found the round one with his name on it and bounced it on the floor. “Gee, hard to guess what this is…” he said while laughing. Ok, so I guess I didn’t fool him on what was under that reindeer paper, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at wrapping up the perfect gift!

We can all get a little overwhelmed when it comes to finding exemplary presents, so MAJAMAS has made it our mission to take the hard work out of gifting this year.

We’ve created beautiful Gift Boxes filled with just the right items for your Eco-Fashionistas, Lounge Lovers, Yogi & Pilates Pros, Busy Bee Mamas, College Co-Eds and even new, sweet Bundles of Joy. What I love most is all these Gift Boxes are priced right for any budget and come wrapped up in the perfect sized (recyclable!) box, ready to gift!

Check out our

NEW MAJAMAS Gift Boxes (below)


Something for everyone, with

FREE SHIPPING & 15% off boxed items!

(If you’re local, stop by our Chicago Showroom M-F 10-4 p.m. & we’ll help you create your own personalized MAJAMAS gifts for friends & family!)

Say hello to happy recipients who will be thrilled with your conscious, eco-friendly and versatile gifts and never worry about them guessing what’s under that sparkly paper. I may not be able to help you with that pesky brother, but then again, maybe he’s gotten less obnoxious about guessing what you’ve gotten everyone… and then again….

Happy Holiday shopping from MAJAMAS!

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer


MAJAMAS Gift Box_Eco-Fashionista Fall 2017 Small EditMAJAMAS Gift Box_Yogi and Pilates Pro copy 2017

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Sleeping Beauty Fall 2017 3 SmallMAJAMAS Gift Box_Lounge Lover Fall 2017MAJAMAS Gift Box_Comfy College Survival Kit Fall 2017

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Work It, Girl

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Femme Romantic Fall 2017 SmallMAJAMAS Gift Box_Effortless Everyday

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Sleeping Cutie Fall 2017 2

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Au Naturale Organic Bra Panty Fall 2017

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Pretty In Prints Bra Panty Fall 2017


MAJAMAS Gift Box_On The Go Mom Fall 2017MAJAMAS Gift Box_Busy Bee Mom Fall 2017MAJAMAS Gift Box_Lounge Lovin Mama Fall 2017 Small

MAJAMAS Gift Box_New Mom FALL 2017 Small


MAJAMAS Gift Box_Ain't She Sweet Baby GirlMAJAMAS Gift Box_Baby BoyMAJAMAS Gift Box_Baby Girl

MAJAMAS Gift Box_Baby Bundle of Joy

MAJAMAS Gift Box_'Atta Boy Baby Boy

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.56.46 AM


Do you have any other Gift Box ideas?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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