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My mom used to say anyone could be a style icon if we just opened a fashion magazine.

15-9905_The JoJo Legging_Woodland_Lifestyle_Small.jpgOnce again, the beefy fall magazines have hit the streets and they’re filled with beautiful looks we can all love.

Putting a runway look together is easy and you don’t have to buy clothes from companies that are hurting our planet to do it.

We can help you achieve the same luxurious looks while feeling super comfortable!

MAJAMAS EARTH makes sweaters, tees and pants that are right on trend, made from responsible fabrics and sewn right here in the USA.

Take a look at the our interpretations of a few of our favorite runway styles and feel good about what you wear.

Fashion is fun and it’s even better when it’s made responsibly.

Transitional Jackets

InStyle noted this week:

“Transitional jackets” are the Goldilocks of outerwear—they’re neither too heavy nor too light, but just right. They hit the sweet spot of being insulated enough to act as a buffer against crisp autumnal breezes without the risk of overheating. But among the usual suspects (denim jackets, motos, bombers, cargos, and so on), the surprise sleeper of the season is the duster, a lightweight coat that’s similar to a trench in weight, but longer in length and more fluid in shape. 

And we get why the celebrities are into it. The shin-grazing topper has all the qualities of a robe (but one that you can wear out in public, obviously)—it’s comfortable, it envelops you like a hug, and it flutters behind you with every step. So it makes sense that the stars have been wearing theirs everywhere, from flights to a night out to the red carpet.

Does this sound familiar? A little like one of our MAJAMAS EARTH sweaters, perhaps?! Our Maglione Sweater works for this look and is WAY more comfy than any duster or trench!


Be unafraid of bold, long length and just enough drama to not blend in. Who knew recycled polyester from retired tee shirts, rayon from bamboo and modal from beechwood could be so dang fashion-forward? It’s lightweight warmth that’s soft to the touch, with thumbholes for post-Pilates cool downs and crisp nights.

Prints Galore

InStyle noted in “Ask Carolina Herrera”

16-1501_The Birch Top_Baya_Lifestyle.jpgDon’t be afraid to show your individuality…

Make your outfit fun with a whimsical print.

It can be a great conversation starter!

I include one in each of my collections because it tells a story and reminds us that fashion should not be taken to seriously.


We could not agree with her more!


That’s why we are always mixing prints and patterns in our collections and finding unexpected ways to pop printed details into our solid styles.

No matter where you work, what you do in your free time, or what your lifestyle is like, there is always room for a bit of whimsy in your wardrobe.

We love prints that represent natural beauty and textures, but we are suckers for a good geometric print too!

InStyle’s Look of the Day:

Jennifer Aniston proved just how ageless she is at the Storks premiere when she arrived in a youthful mixed-floral Valentino dress that she styled with silver drop earrings and ankle-tie black sandals.

How stunning does she look?!

We know that our clothes aren’t woven with gold (it wouldn’t be very eco-friendly of us, after all!) but they do have a similar regal feel with our prints Maplewood (shown here) and Marron (shown @ top).


Loungewear as Outerwear

E14L602_The Polsino Pant_Maplewood_Front_Small.jpgHave you heard that women are wearing loungewear as outerwear these days?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?!

We have not only noticed this trending in fashion magazines, but have seen it with our own eyes on the streets and even in the workplace!

InStyle noted in “Ask Carolina Herrera”

Even in a workplace where there are no rules [or tons of rules] you still want to be professional and polished.

We’ve got an easy solution! Meet the Polsino Pant!

Soft, swishy and moisture-wicking in delightfully decorative print combos, they take a firm stance of a different kind: looking good and feeling good can all happen at the same, beautiful time.

We love pairing these with a solid Forte Tank, Nuovo Top, Dettaglio Top or Aurora Top, jewelry and heels – throw a blazer on during the day and ditch the jacket for a night out on the town.

16-2101_The Madison Nightie_Woodland_Lifestyle_Small.jpgOriginally made for mama, but quickly becoming a favorite of the non-maternity crowd, our Madison Nightie is just the piece to put you right on trend. Think we’re crazy? Trust us! Throw a denim or leather jacket over this nightie with black tights and short ankle boots and you are all set.

Looking for more Autumn favorites?! Check out our recent article We’re Ready For Fall Activities.

Happy Outfitting!

Let ME know if you need any more styling tips & tricks, we’re happy to help!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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How are you wearing MAJAMAS this season?
What’s your favorite Fall trend?
Do you wear loungewear as outerwear?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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