Fridays Just Got Flashy

There is nothing good about a pandemic, unless you’re happy to see one of America’s “most treasured” holiday traditions close shop. I’m talking about Black Friday. Some of us may miss muscling thru a crowd of shoppers determined to put as much stuff into their carts as possible, but I am happy to see an end to this November madness.

Black Friday shopping has never been a tradition for MAJAMAS EARTH. That’s because we look at over-consuming as the new smoking. It’s an ugly habit. As a small, sustainable retailer I believe enticing people to buy stuff that must be replaced annually is bad for them and bad for our planet.

I know, Black Friday has always been about the tech, but fast fashion got in on the game too, and many would load up their stores with cheap, throw-away designs just to make customers feel as if they were getting great deals. The truth is, most of those clothes could barely be worn more than three times before ending up in a landfill or on a donation truck headed for one.

Still, online shopping has been bigger than ever and finding sustainable deals has become harder than ever. That’s because we can’t feel or touch the merchandise and most online apparel stores don’t mention where their clothes are made or who makes them.

So let ME tell you, we are the real deal.

We make everything ethically here in the USA, using family run shops and eco-friendly fabrics made here too.

Most importantly, you will wear our clothes well over 30 times, making them fall well within what we in the biz consider the Sustainability Standard.

We hear from customers who have worn the same pants, skirts and joggers for years, only replacing them when they absolutely need to.

So this year, this insane year, we are doing things differently because, well, things are different...

Instead of one big site wide sale the day after Thanksgiving, we are offering 30% OFF a handful of sustainable styles every Friday now thru November 20th.

That means you can score a great long-lasting basic at a great price every Friday until Thanksgiving.

We’re calling it Flash Fridays!

So check your email EVERY THURSDAY to see what styles will be marked down the next day!

Instead of waiting in the cold, bask in the warm feeling that you are purchasing beautiful conscious clothing that will last, at a remarkable price.

Who knows?

Flash Fridays may become the new Black Friday, sans the crowded parking lots and disposable stuff.

I know it’s only October and it’s hard to believe we’re already heading into the holiday season, but life on Earth is different now…

Welcome to our New Normal.

So please, stay healthy, stay well and stay socially distant until this thing is over.

Until then…

ENJOY 30% OFF our




See ya tomorrow for our FIRST EVER FLASH FRIDAY!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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