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We’re wrapping up our #EarthMONTH initiative and raising environmental awareness not only for one day or one whole month but for an entire year, every year!

We want to point out these easy environmental practices we incorporate into our business routine at MAJAMAS EARTH you may not know about!

Our goal in the office and at home is to operate at the best / highest efficiency and to leave the smallest footprint / impact on the environment.

Along with the conscious decisions we make to create our clothing (find out more in Clothes That Save the Planet) we practice other initiatives in our studio that are worth noting.


We are proud to send our apparel in 100% recycled poly Eco-Enclose mailer bags that are recyclable and reusable. Designed to eliminate unnecessary packaging during the shipping / return process, these durable lightweight bags are made with re-sealable sticky strips that make exchanges easier and create less waste.

Eco-Enclose Mailer Bag.jpg

Even the page-protectors used to keep important documents enclosed are compostable, biodegradable, and sustainable!


We hate having to do it but each garment produced for MAJAMAS EARTH comes pre-packaged in plastic bags from our manufacturers to preserve it and keep it from harm. To minimize the waste caused by these, and instead of tossing the bags into the recycling bin after the products are removed, we send them back to our manufacturers to re-use all of the bags for future products.

Plastic Product Bags

Each shipment received in-studio comes with tons of extra heavy-duty paper and cardboard. Again, we could toss all of that in the trash, but we choose to re-use most of the boxes we receive for sending out future shipments.

Cardboard Boxes.jpg

Most retailers send 10-20 huge garbage bags of wasted materials to the trash EVERY DAY! We barely send a half bag a week to the dumpster – the rest is recycled!


By utilizing size-reduction and double-sided printing whenever possible, as well as re-using single-side printed pages for scrap paper, we eliminate a lot of waste.

All of our used ink-cartridges are re-filled and re-used each time they run out!


Most of our excess fabric is recycled to create details for our clothing, accessories, and Boutique Bags (read all about it here).

Scrap Fabric

Those scraps we simply can’t re-use, are donated to Brookfield Zoo, where they are used for kids crafts and animal environments. Good till the last thread!


Mrs Meyers Cleaning

*image borrowed from Mrs. Meyer’s instagram*

We LOVE Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish & Hand Soap: “We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy or olive. At times we choose to use non-plant-derived material for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety. Our products do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. We use concentrated, biodegradable formulas and at least 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles. We do not test on animals.”

They even sell big jugs that can be used to re-fill smaller dispensers to cut down on plastic waste. We love their scents and highly recommend using their products at your workplace and your home!

We love to support eco-friendly products that reflect our business’s environmental considerations.


E16K302_The Lakeview Tee_Pebble_Lifestyle_Small.jpg

Let our Lakeview Tee keep the spirit of Earth Day alive and growing!

Inspired by our beautiful planet, this tee is designed to support environmental efforts. Made from Cotton Modal fabric sourced and sewn in the USA, it cuts down on chemicals used in the production process and reduces our carbon footprint.

This weekend only, this tee is 15% off!

enter code EARTHMONTH at checkout

Happy #EarthMONTH

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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