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Whenever I walk into a grocery store or one of those warehouse places I panic. I can’t help but think about all the plastic packaging on those shelves and where it will end up. Then I think about what’s inside all that packaging. I wonder how each product was made, what’s the impact on our planet and most importantly, what’s the impact on our health?

We aren’t helpless in this fight against pollution and all this stuff getting pumped into our environment. As consumers, we have the power to change what stores sell and even what companies make because we can choose which companies to support.

Let’s face it, money talks and as long as we support the brands doing things right, we can help them survive and grow. I promise you this changes the products being offered in these mega stores.

Supporting brands and companies doing things right is the only way to make a difference. 

I may be a brand owner in one of these grocery stores (we sell into the Midwest Whole Foods Markets) but I’m also a consumer. I get how tough it is to stop using a product I’ve always used and replacing it with a new product that’s gentler on our planet and on ME. The thing is, the healthier replacement always surprises ME. It’s always an improvement and it usually works as well if not better than the toxic brand I dumped.

Change is difficult my friend, but if we want to improve the planet and our health, we need to start turning to eco-friendly, ethically made products.

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, we have to start making conscious choices.

I know change doesn’t happen overnight. so I have an idea…

Starting with Earth Month, let’s try to substitute one toxic product each month from our daily routines for a healthier, more environmentally friendly one. 

Whole-Foods-Hinsdale-Picoli-Shorts-2Just think, by this time next year we’ll have a dozen new and improved options we support and to ME, that’s a big improvement. Think of the impact we’ll have if we all give this a try.

I’m gonna make this easier for you too….

We’ve gathered a list of brands doing their best to have the smallest, healthiest impact on our planet so you can make the switch without doing the research. Our list will definitely grow, so be sure to check back often!

Here’s a list of brands we believe in:


Fashion Brands

The Elina Hoodie_Black_The Forte Tank_Thyme_The Vinny V-Neck_Holly_Lifestyle 1_Small


DL1961 (Denim)

Dearborn Denim

Joe’s Jeans

LA Relaxed


Maggie’s Organics (Socks)

Secondhand Stores

Buffalo Exchange

Crossroads Trading (Chicago, CA, OR, CO, WA, TX)

Bath & Beauty

The 2-Way Tank_Olive Heather_The Picoli Short_Picnic_Lifestyle 2_Small

Mojo Spa (Skincare / Serum / Soap)

Simply Smita (Body & Face Balm / Lip Balm / Deodorant)

Ethique (Shampoo Bars)

LUSH (Body & Hair Care)

Indigo Wild (Zum Bar Soap)

Tom’s of Maine (Toothpaste / Deodorant)

Brush with Bamboo (Toothbrushes)

WooBamboo USA (Toothbrushes / Dental Floss)

Dental Lace (Refillable Dental Floss)

Bamboo Cotton Swabs

LOLA (Feminine Products & Health)

Motherlove Herbal Co (Skin care & Breastfeeding)



Melaleuca (Household Cleaners / Dish Soap)

Seventh Generation (Dishwashing / Hand Washing)

Full Circle (Scrubbing Tools)

Twist Clean (Scrubbing Tools)

Stout By Envision (Compostable Trash Bags)

Second Nature (Compostable Trash Bags)


Bees Wrap Re-use Re-Cycle REVISED.jpeg

Bees Wrap (Re-usable Beeswax Food Storage Covers)

Pyrex (Re-usable Glass Food Storage Containers)

Fresh Preserving (Glass Mason & Ball Jars)

Final Straw (Stainless Steel Collapsable Straw)

Rifle Paper Co (Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Hot or Cold)

World Centric (Compostable Plates / Cups / Utensils)

Leaf Republic (Compostable Leaf Paper Plates / Bowls)

First Choice Eco Naturals (Compostable Birch Wood Cutlery)


Panties_Lifestyle_6 Square Small

GUPPYFRIEND (Washing Bag catches microplastics in the wash)

Cora Ball (Prevents plastic fiber pollution shedding from garments)

Melaleuca (Laundry Detergent)

Seventh Generation (Laundry Detergent)

Home Decor

Sarah Mimo Manufactory (Wood Clocks / Decor)

Home Maintenance

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

Web Eco-Filter Plus (Reusable Washable Air Filters)


Pet N Pet (Biodegradable Waste Bags)

Zippy Paws (Unscented Doggie Waste Bags)

Earth Rated (Unscented Doggie Waste Bags)

World’s Best Cat Litter

Just Nutritive Shampoo

Vet’s Best Dental Gel Toothpaste

P.L.A.Y Dog and Cat Beds

Fido’s Flip Scarf (Pet Scarves)

Office Supplies

EcoEnclose (Shipping Materials)

Food & Drink


The Forte Tank_Cora_The Tasca Skirt_Zinfandel_Lifestyle 2_Small 2

Native Foods (Vegetarian / Vegan / Chicago, CA, OR, CO)

Chicago Diner (Vegetarian / Vegan / Chicago)

Ground Control (Vegetarian / Vegan / Chicago)

Uncommon Ground (Vegetarian / Chicago)

Munch (Vegetarian / Vegan Chicago Suburbs)

Purple Carrot (Vegetarian / Vegan / U.S. Delivery)

Blaze Pizza

(Vegetarian / Vegan options)

Home Cooking

Beyond Meat (Meat Alternatives – Burger, Brat & Patty)

Impossible Foods (Meat Alternative – Burger Patty)

Ask for these at your local grocery stores (Whole Foods Market) & restaurants!

Coffee & Tea

Intelligentsia Coffee (Fair Trade / Chicago, LA, NY)

Birds & Bees Teas


Where do we learn about living a zero waste lifestyle and find ethical eco products?


Sustainability QuoteGoing Zero Waste

Sustainably Chic

Eco Warrior Princess

Tiny Yellow Bungalow

Still Being Molly



My Plastic Free Life

Have a recommendation?

Send us the brand name, product, category and link and our MAJAMAS® EARTH team will list it once we confirm it qualifies!

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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What are your favorite eco friendly companies & products?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS® EARTH garment this week!

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