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People don’t realize there’s more to USA MADE clothing than just saving jobs or helping the economy. While this is important, we need to look toward the future and do what we can to protect the planet. If we continue on our current path, we’re sure to impact the planet to a point where the economy will be the least of our worries.

The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world.  Almost 20% of the world’s water pollution comes from the toxins, dyes and chemicals used when making textiles.

Kind of makes you want to stop wearing clothes, right?

Perhaps a better and more pleasant solution for all of us would be to purchase clothes made in the United States or in parts of the world where there’s accountability and strict regulations of all textile mills. As a manufacturer of clothing, I believe the only way to ensure you are wearing clothes that leave the smallest carbon footprint is to purchase the ones made in the United States.

This Earth Day, take a look at ME and feel good about what you’re wearing.

We spend a lot of time looking for fabrics that have the smallest impact on our environment. Using Cotton Modal and Organic Cotton along with reusing excess fabric uses less water and creates less pollution when producing garments.

Below are some or our favorite designs made with fabrics manufactured here in the U.S. Each of these items demonstrates our desire to be as ethical as possible when making MAJAMAS EARTH collections.

E15K501_The Restorative Pant_Picante_Lifestyle_Small.jpg


Some of the most comfortable joggers you’ll ever wear, the Restorative Pant and the Tempo Libre Jogger Pant is made from a blend of Cotton and Lenzing Modal.

As the manufacturer describes it, “.. a modal fiber from Lenzing, is like the Edelweiss flower: made in Austria, pure and natural. Full integration at the Lenzing site in Austria makes it possible to produce the fiber in an environmentally sound way due to the generation of excess energy and the recovery of component parts of the wood. Even pulp production at Lenzing is self-sufficient in terms of energy and is an important supplier of energy for the entire operation.” Isn’t that cool? The pulp from the beechwood tree actually helps supply the energy to make the fabric! Modal is the component that makes this pant super soft too. When combined with Cotton, it makes these pants more durable which means you will be wearing them a long time.


Our Elina Hoodie is also made from a blend of Cotton and Lenzing Modal and is so versatile, you’ll wear it all year. We believe the details make a garment great so we added ties on this hoodie that could wrap in multiple ways. Wear it open and tied in the back in warmer months and close it tight across the front when you need something warmer to snuggle into.



Organic Cotton uses less water than regular cotton to make and pesticides, herbicides and insecticides aren’t sprayed on it when growing. These chemicals cause harm to our environment, animals and workers. Organic cotton isn’t genetically modified either which is important to me since a bra is worn, well ya know, close to our bodies.

Organic Daily Bra Lifestyle

Our Organic Daily Bra is one of those bras you’ll forget you have on. With a surprising amount of support, it’s perfect for wearing all day and made from Organic Cotton that isn’t treated with bleach or coloring agents.



Every purchase made thru our site or in our showroom comes in one of our whimsical MAJAMAS EARTH Boutique Bags made from our excess fabric. We could throw this into a landfill but we choose to make these handy bags so you can use them to carry home groceries, your lunch or even your workout clothes.


You will also notice peeks of your favorite prints inside our garments as trims, binding, and other details to add a fun finishing touch to each piece. These are created from the reclaimed fabric left over after making our other collections. Our Infinity Scarf and Curly-Q Scarf are made from reclaimed excess fabrics as well – a perfect gift or add-on to your purchase to get Free Shipping over $50!

Hawthorne Hoodie


It’s difficult to feel as if we have any power over the pollution being pumped into our world on a daily basis but I believe by doing something that seems small like choosing to wear clothing made in the United States, you can influence change. There are so many more reasons to support U.S. made clothing but caring about the environment is what keeps ME made in Chicago.

So this Earth Day, think about what you’re purchasing and choose to support the companies that #CareWhatYouWear.

Happy #EarthMONTH!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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