Chicago’s Hot ‘Hood: the Kinzie Industrial Corridor

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Loretta is a platinum blonde white golden retriever and it’s impossible to walk her down Fulton without being noticed. That’s one of the things I love most about the area surrounding our MAJAMAS Showroom & Studio. Bordering Chicago’s West Side, the Kinzie Industrial Corridor is filled with forklifts, retail, coffee and beer, but I had no idea we were moving MAJAMAS into a neighborhood. Ya know, an area with people who say hello when passing by and comment on how big Loretta’s gotten (they all met her when she was just a puppy). There’s still lots of industry here, but it’s an amazingly beautiful contrast amongst the funky art, flowers and business culture embedded on these city streets.

Two Years ago, MAJAMAS moved into one of the “hottest new ‘hoods” (Crain’s, April 17, 2017) in Chicago: Kinzie Industrial Corridor and now we don’t ever want to leave!

How great is this place?


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We’ve become spoiled by the robust flavors of  Metric Coffee and the smells of Intelligentsia Coffee roasting down the block. On Fridays after work, we can stop by Goose Island‘s tasting room for a beer (ok, so Russ and I may be the oldest ones in there, but it’s still fun)!

The funny thing is – we’re not in a hurry to get home!

We even come back on  Sunday for a farm to table brunch at Eden (their grilled Avocado Eggs Benedict is to die for and those donuts…heaven!)



It’s great to see so many independent designers and companies coming together in this area! Come in and check out our sculptures any time!” – Vector Custom Fabricating


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It’s hard to see this area as anything but hip.

Google‘s Chicago headquarters is roughly a mile east of us (technically in our sister ‘hood, the Fulton Market) but tech companies abound in our ‘hood too. There’s Ship Bob next door filled with the nicest group who figured out how to make fulfillment affordable for eCommerce companies and Snap 36 below us specializing in 3D and 360 Degree Spin Photography (ever wonder how they get those amazing top, back and side shots of clothes, tools, etc…on the internet…these are the guys!!)


After moving here, we were surprised to find MAJAMAS wasn’t the only garment manufacturer on Fulton. Fibre Athletics (on Fulton) and Suki + Solaine (2023 Carroll) operate down the block from us and even though we share a similar mission, they graciously welcomed us. We sold right next to Suki + Solaine at our first Dose Market, (a must-attend-so-fun-and-hip, curated market that opens seasonally and is held in our sister ‘hood at Morgan Manufacturing).

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to feel as if we have local support and allies in this crazy garment business instead of that dog-eat-dog nonsense that happens between design houses in other big cities.


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This neighborhood is a must-see.


Even Loretta has a blast strutting down Fulton Street passing Bark Avenue, a hip doggy daycare where her furry friends call out to greet her.





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If I haven’t convinced you to see what’s happening in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor these days with all of the amazing business and attractions, then maybe I can lure you over with free food and drink?

Check out our hot ‘hood this Friday when we host an open house from 4-9pm.

We’ll be serving up fresh food, drinks and great deals on our eco-friendly clothing! Support small businesses and shop local!

Let us know if you plan to stop by – click here to RSVP!


Who knows, maybe you’ll leave feeling just as inspired as I do daily when I pull up to work at my Fulton Showroom.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer


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What’s your favorite part about Chicago’s West Fulton Market!?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS garment this week!

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