Beam ME Up, Scotty


Lately things feel like a scene out of Star Trek. I’m talking about the original ‘60’s version. Captain Kirk would beam onto a new planet that looked like Earth and even though the aliens appeared human, something was different. Could’ve been he was the only one wearing a shirt that was two sizes too small, but whatever it was, we knew he hadn’t landed back on planet Earth.

After two plus months of businesses being closed, we’re a lot like Kirk.

We desperately want everything to be back to “normal”, but the truth is, we left that world months ago.

Sure, restaurants, stores and businesses are doing what they can to take us back to that happy place, but things are different now.

My brother sent me a video of people trying to enter stores without wearing masks. They were yelling at store greeters and demanding they enter without one on. In some cases, customers got so angry, they spit at anyone near them. What the heck is happening?

Way before any of us heard the term Corona Virus, we owned a small boutique. It was beautifully decorated with plush, antique chairs, vintage rugs and of course, plenty of new clothing. To customers, it looked like a regular retail store but to us, it was like a branch of our home. 99% of our customers were amazing. They appreciated the way we operated and loved our clothing but most of all, they respected us and our store. I loved to work with them and would do anything I could to make them happy from special ordering a garment to shipping off a gift.

When I couldn’t be in the store, I trained my salespeople to follow the golden rule; treat every customer as if they are entering your home. Never ask, “Can I help you?” Instead just say “Hi, how are you today?” Pretend you just opened the door to your family and in return, your customers will treat you the same way.

Kindness Always Comes Back QuoteIt’s an unspoken understanding between Businesses and Customers; if you give respect you get respect.

As we emerge back into the world of restaurants, retail stores and small businesses, I feel like a mom teaching her child how to behave in public.

You know… all the things whispered to us across the table when we were eating out like, “Elbows down” and “Use your fork”, “Say please and thank you.” Basic manners we all know and most of us practice…

But the behavior of some of these people spitting on others and even shooting people after being asked to put on a mask is beyond disturbing. It’s despicable!

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking into a Target or a small boutique, you are walking into a place run by people. These aren’t aliens who don’t have feelings or families; they are human beings with lives as precious as your own. They’re there to help you and they definitely aren’t there to be verbally or physically abused.

Let’s stop listening to and watching our politicians. Instead let’s start listening to the Scientists who are telling us the best way to protect each other is to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. Sure, we live in a “free country” but that doesn’t mean anyone has the freedom to harm someone else.

Gross behavior of the past becomes an act of terror today. Spitting and touching is not acceptable and if you don’t want to protect others, stay home! Luckily for you and the rest of us, there are plenty of online options to purchase anything your heart desires, so you never have to leave your home. (Here’s a list of Eco Brands to Brag About.)

Hey, I know we all want to be back on the old Earth. Just like Kirk walking down that fabricated Main Street, things feel surreal and a little bit off. But now more than ever we gotta be kind, considerate and thoughtful when we’re out there.

The-Padded-Sporty-Bra_Festival_The-Picolli-Short_Festival_Lifestyle-2_SmallKirk was all about appearances, valor, and romance.

He wasn’t always the perfect guest and it seemed as if his main mission was to score with the alien women but at least he made an attempt to be respectful.

When things got tough, Kirk went back to his ship to regroup and cool down.

His adventures were endless and each show ended with the hope he’d eventually return to his planet.

I’m confident that if we all take this opportunity to behave considerately, we’ll make it back to ours again soon.

Let the virus be the ugly antagonist of this story and let’s all do whatever we can to fight it.

Be kind and remember, when it gets tough out there, you can always have Scotty beam ya back up.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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