Be A Hero, Invest in Our Planet

When that alarm goes off in the morning, it’s tempting to cover up and ignore it. With the state of our world, feeling overwhelmed by the negative is pretty easy these days, but I refuse to give in. It might feel like an insurmountable task, but pivoting to the positive can help us personally, and it can actually help the entire planet.

Our way of thinking and looking at the world directly impacts our lives, which is why it’s important to focus on investing in Planet Earth and doing whatever we can to nurture and save it.

Yeah, Climate Change can feel completely out of our control, but we do possess the power to slow it down. Making tweaks in our daily lives, from the products we purchase to the way we get to work, can have a big impact.

Small actions by all of us can have a cumulative effect, and when it comes to the planet, together we have the power to slow down Climate Change.  

This Earth Day, join ME and do something, anything, from our list below to help yourself and lower your impact on the planet.

Here’s what we can do


Over the last few years, humans haven’t been clogging up expressways or flying off to meetings, and that drastically and temporarily cut down our CO2 Emissions. Unfortunately, today air travel is at an all time high, and that’s a big problem.

According to Kimberly Nicholas, a researcher at the Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies in Sweden: “Any time you can avoid getting on a plane, (or) getting in a car… that’s a substantial climate savings.”

The positive results we had from staying quarantined are no longer positive.

With war raging in Ukraine, gas is more expensive than ever and there’s no such thing as a cheap plane ticket anyway.

Instead, rent an electric car, a hybrid car or take a train ride to your next vacation destination.

Get creative! A change of scenery, be it hours away or a short bike ride will improve your mood and help you pivot to a better place mentally.


During quarantine we learned to work without being in the office.

Ask your employer if you can switch your schedule to a hybrid model so you can keep your work travel to a minimum or head into the office 3 instead of 5 days per week.

Working together can definitely improve our mental health. If heading back to the office is best for you and your company, see if you can join a carpool, ride your bike, walk or take a train.


Plastics come from oil and most of them will out live us by hundreds of years.

Before you purchase anything bottled in plastic, see if you can substitute it with a product packaged in aluminum, glass, cardboard or nothing at all.

Most importantly, don’t be swayed by pretty bottles and fancy logos. Even containers made using recycled plastics use virgin oil elements when being made, and regardless of whether it’s virgin or recycled, plastic is plastic. Once it’s made, it’s basically here forever.

There are great alternatives to plastic, so start with your kitchen. Ditch the plastic wraps and go for beeswax, use reusable or compostable sandwich bags and stock up on a supply of mason jars. They’re great for storing everything from soup to celery and they make your kitchen look as if you were actually inspired by watching two years of HGTV… no such thing as a waste of time…


If you’re not lucky enough to have a community compost program, start one of your own. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Rotting food is a big contributor to methane and green-house gases. When we waste it we waste all the resources that go into supplying it. “Each year, as a country we spend over $220 billion growing, transporting, and processing almost 70 million tons of food that ends up going to waste.”

Stop purchasing too much food and only buy what you can eat. Throwing out those red raspberries that looked so good in the store is a true crime. Think before you purchase food and eat what you buy. Even if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, box your leftovers and eat them for lunch the next day. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally eating cold pizza for breakfast. Did you learn nothing in college??


More than 100 climate experts agree that “…it would indeed be beneficial, for both climate and human health, if people in many rich countries consumed less meat, and if politics would create appropriate incentives to that effect.”

From pursuing a healthier lifestyle to preserving the planet, there are many reasons to step away from the grill.

Not willing to dump meat all together? Then wean yourself off it little by little. Maybe eat it once a week or once a month. Instead of watching another cat video, check out Tasty for innovative ideas and healthier alternatives.


Anyone who thinks Climate Change is a hoax is either heavily invested in fossil fuels or a complete Moron.

Ignore politicians promoting business over climate and vote for the ones who are willing to protect the planet. Politicians who stand by fossil fuels have only their own interests in mind. Those supporting renewable energy and a halt to offshore drilling and coal mining have our backs. Vote them in and hold them accountable.

Now more than ever, even the ones wanting to move to renewable energy are being lobbied to drill due to the war in Ukraine. We must be vigilant and contact our policy makers so they don’t crumble under pressure. Call them, write an email, send a letter, and do whatever you can to make your voice heard!


Give to the organizations that are saving us. Sierra RiseEarthjusticeOcean ConservancyGreenpeaceThe Wilderness SocietyNational Wildlife Federation and African Wildlife Federation are great ones to start with. These guys take on the big polluters and hold politicians and law makers accountable.


We can change the world but first we must support ourselves.

Instead of throwing up your hands and freaking out about Climate Change, take ten minutes to breathe and then put reasonable goals into place.

The worst thing we can do is overwhelm ourselves…

The only way to stay from spiraling downward is to become present. Turn off the bad news and take ten minutes to breathe, acknowledge and clear away the thoughts in your head so you can regain a sense of peace. Thinking about anything that feels out of our immediate control can set us into panic mode. So set a timer, sit in a quiet space, and focus on your breath. Impossible you say? Then download Headspace, Calm or another meditation app and follow a guided program. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a parent and a boss, I can’t help anyone else if I’m not feeling calm and reasonable. Make this a daily practice and soon everything in your life will become more manageable, even our climate issues.


Impermanence is our only constant. Without change, we’d still be stuck in the days of rotary phones and gas light.

I completely get how difficult changing our daily habits can be. Even something as simple as using a bar shampoo instead of a liquid, bottled in plastic was tough for ME.

We grow accustomed to doing things the same way every day, but I believe every major crisis can make us better, smarter and wiser. Best of all, we discover new things, and let me tell you, those bars shampoos and conditioners are amazing!

Anyone who’s followed ME knows we have tons of great ideas to become more planet friendly. Check out our other blogs, listen to our podcast and share the information we share with you, with others.

I have faith in the entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and anyone working to help our environment. Every day there’s a new invention, product or process to help us reduce the heat warming up our planet. Seek them out, support these innovators and find the courage to change your routine by investing in their ideas. Focus on the positive and instead of looking at Climate Change as a life threatening event, let’s work together to make it our greatest opportunity for positive change. It’s the least we can do for our planet and future generations.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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