Balancing Dad & Me

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When I had an idea to create an innovative tank for new moms, I never thought about the logistics of running a company. While I obsessed about the patterns, fabrics and pricing, Russell was reading Nordstrom’s shipping guide, buying our UPC tags and figuring out how we were going to ship large orders from our house.

For years, our customers have always believed I ran MAJAMAS EARTH alone, but the truth is, I could never have started the business without the help of my husband, Russell Curry. He takes on the jobs I want nothing to do with, managing everything from shipping thousands of yards of fabric to ensuring we have enough hang tags and supplies to make our garments. Without him, we never would have filled our first order for Nordstrom’s.

In this episode of our CARE WHAT YOU WEAR & SO MUCH MORE Podcast, you’ll get a humorous behind-the-scenes view of how MAJAMAS EARTH operates. We share intimate details about why and how we started our company, how Russell has managed to balance being a connected dad with entrepreneurship and how to this day, our girls will never forgive us for driving them to Omaha on their high school spring break.

– Germaine Caprio, Designer & one of two MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owners


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