Are Blogs the New Magazines?

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Spring break always meant a trip to Florida. My dad bought a condo in Bradenton while I was still in high school and whenever he had the chance, he’d pack us up in the car and drive 23 hours (give or take two) to his happy place in the sun. The complex consisted mainly of blue-haired retirees but that didn’t stop me from wanting to buy the latest formula of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion (ah, that coconut fragrance with no SPF) or a new bikini to wear by the pool.

My sister and I would buy a Glamour Magazine before we left and read it cover to cover. The March issue was always packed with Spring fashion and tons of ads showing the latest in everything from shoes to drug store cosmetics. I can still see the double paged fashion ads and editorials of models wearing their one pieces inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress (I wanted one!) and the dark brown nails with matching lipstick (I totally bought).

Glamour told us what was a ‘Do’ and what was a ‘Don’t’. It was our fashion bible and glossy instruction manual on what to wear with what and the main way to stay up on the ever changing trends. It influenced our style and we would have been lost without it.

Today we rarely turn the pages of a magazine to see what’s new in fashion. Instead we turn to our phones and follow the visual advice of celebrities and bloggers to see what to carry, what products to use and what to wear.

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As a designer and business owner, this shift in advertising from print to working with “fashion influencers” is challenging.

There was a time when placing an ad in a magazine could guarantee a MAJAMAS garment would be seen by a few million readers. We would recoup double (sometimes triple) what we paid because it always triggered calls to our office from retailers interested in stocking us. We didn’t sell directly to the public (didn’t even have a website – crazy, right!?) but the end customer would ask for us in their local store. It was an easy and smart way to sell our brand because the magazine focused on our market and it generated revenue because it was seen.

Fast forward to today when companies find their audiences less focused on one channel. Social media is the place to be and if you’re not on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, you virtually don’t exist. Once they find your website the deal isn’t over. Your site must optimize the customers’ shopping experience and keep them moving thru to the checkout quickly and efficiently (the ever present challenge…). Even then, your site must be connected to others, so you need affiliate programs, tons of followers and you definitely need influencers.

I have spent some time speaking with my teen age niece (uh-huh) on what bloggers were hip and strong influencers. She sent me names of the most followed (some even younger than she) and we have learned how the process works. I am amazed by the reach and influence some of these bloggers have!

Blogs of Fashion Influencers are the new Glamour Magazine. They tell us what’s a ‘DO’ and what’s a ‘DON’T’ without actually saying a thing (or using those black bars across the unaware-wrong-doer’s face). It’s all done in a glance and strategically staged so you want to buy that shiny necklace or that tiny bikini for your Spring break vacay. They do a beautiful job keeping their focus and their followers engaged.

youre-never-too-old-quoteFashion bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers – even more influential) make the entire medium much more accessible for everyone of any age. There’s no need to wait for the next big issue and there’s a kind of instant gratification in finding the same shoes you just saw on one of your favorite celebrities. (Being able to buy them right away is pretty sweet too).

Still, I kind of miss those magazines. Maybe it’s the physical loss cause I can’t hold it in my hands. Maybe it’s the nostalgia I miss, slowly turning the pages with my sister dreaming about wearing that bikini on a white sandy beach. But truth be told, I think the biggest thing I miss from those old Glamour magazines are those black bars covering the faces of those Glamour ‘Don’ts’.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

We are moving MAJAMAS forward into the future of fashion and are excited to explore this new exposure!

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Recently we have connected with stylist and blogger Katie Schuppler from KS Style Consulting. We’re so inspired by her outfitting expertise and tickled pink to see how she styles our favorite MAJAMAS ESSENTIALS pieces!

Here she’s wearing our 2-Way Tank under a black Elina Hoodie – both great basics to transition from Winter to Spring! Check out her Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to see what she loves about these pieces and stay turned for more outfitting next week!


Let us know how you get outfit inspiration in the comments below! Feel free to send your favorite bloggers our way too, we love sharing the love!

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How do you get outfit inspiration?

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