Amazon is Burning


It happened quickly. As usual, I was eating fast, basically snarfing down my dinner when a grain of rice went down the wrong pipe and next thing I knew, I was choking. I didn’t need to use the choking sign to alert my fellow diners; my red, teary eyes and inability to speak told the whole story. It took me fifteen minutes to recover and my lungs felt as if I’d inhaled a cup of water.

That’s exactly how our planet has to be feeling right now. OK, I know I’ve been the Queen of Doom and Gloom about the state of our world lately, but hearing there are roughly 73,000 fires burning in the Amazon has pushed me over the edge.

We’re talking three football fields burning per minute!

Amazon Rainforest Fire in Brazil.jpg

I’m freaking out and you should be too! Why?

Because just like me struggling to breathe, the Amazon is choking right now… choking in a BIG bad way. This precious forest acts as one of our planet’s lungs and these fires are killing it.

This isn’t a “natural” thing either. Humans are causing Climate Change that’s causing drought in the Amazon. Combine that with the fact that many of these fires were started by some short-sighted ranchers intentionally to clear the forests so more of their cattle could roam and you have one of the biggest disasters facing our planet. It’s so unnecessary because the LAST thing we need is more cow methane in the atmosphere or more meat on our tables. What’s more shocking is cattle ranching in Brazil has made it the largest exporter of beef in the world making President Bolsonaro turn a greedy blind eye toward these ranchers. Yes, another president aiding in destroying OUR planet. These guys must go, but I digress…

Farmers have been chipping away at the Amazon for years but now that so little is left, the fires are raging and the area is combusting right before our eyes.

Tribes and communities that rely on it are suffering not to mention the animals. Just think about how many endangered species are literally burning up before our eyes? All those primates, big cats, frogs, precious plants, trees and so much more…GONE!

Mongabay Amazon Rainforest Cat

This is really serious and with the loss of the Amazon Rainforest, our planet will suffer an immediate impact. Temperatures will rise faster, more species will become extinct and soon we’ll be riding in cars like Mad Max chasing water instead of oil. It’s time to get off your political platforms and pitch in to help. DO SOMETHING!

This is a matter of life and death. Say goodbye to your air because the Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. I’m here to move you to action.

Please follow thru and do one or all of these 7 things TODAY to help:

1. Read what’s happening, watch this video & follow links to help out more

2. Donate to WWF

3. Donate to Greenpeace

4. Protect an area of the Rainforest

5. Purchase a part of the Rainforest

6. No money? Sign these pledges and this pledge from GreenPeace

7. Trust ME, this is NOT a marketing email, but if you are purchasing from us, please donate a buck to One Tree Planted to plant a tree at checkout. Every little tree planted helps.

Thank you!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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Any other ways to help Amazonia?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS EARTH garment this week!

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