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ALL ABOUT ME 105 JAN 2018 Final

We’re taking off the gloves this year. No more humble presence online or in stores!

MAJAMAS is taking our passion for the planet and posting it all over our name. Help us give a warm welcome to the newest brand in the MAJAMAS family.

Say hello to ME.™


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ME™ stands for MAJAMAS EARTH.

We’re tired of just saying we care about our planet, so we’ve decided to advertise the hell out of it. Putting Earth in our name is our way of showing our passion for protecting the planet when making our beautiful clothing.

MAJAMAS isn’t only making clothes only for women anymore either. With ME™, we are introducing our Men’s ethical lounge line. Boxer-briefs, Crew and V-neck tees and lounge pants will be made from our super soft Cotton/Modals and other climate safe fabrics so men can experience the comfort our female clients have been loving for over 19 years.



Our goal is that ME™ (MAJAMAS EARTH) will be taking over all our lines someday. We want the world to learn that ethically made clothing isn’t just a fad.

Ethically made clothing is a MUST and anyone who still thinks it’s ok to continue buying from brands that continue to pollute our planet is a fool and part of the problem. (I told you we’re taking off the gloves!)

Seriously, we need to look at buying clothing in the same way we look at buying our food. Think about where the fabric comes from, who’s making it and what they do with their waste. We must think about the impact every pant, t-shirt, short, top, etc… has on our environment and not just how amazing we’ll look in it. Just like the food we wouldn’t put IN our bodies if it’s over-processed and bad for us, the clothes we put ON our bodies must have the same clean supply chain.

INSTA Look Good Feel Good Do Good QuoteMAJAMAS is proud to be offering something for everyone, regardless of gender, age or stage-of-life, so everyone can feel good about what they’re wearing. We hope you’ll join us and welcome ME into your closet this year. Come on! Show the world you care about the Earth as much as we do (and don’t worry, we’ll make sure you look amazing doing it)!


Join ME™ and show the world we can wear fashion that’s beautiful without harming our beautiful planet.

– Germaine Caprio, Company Owner & Designer

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