A Summer Bra – 5 Ways

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Summer means tank tops, spaghetti straps and open backs. There was a time I’d avoid wearing any of those styles because my biggest pet peeve is seeing a bra strap (always seems to be a ratty, beige one…) peeking out from underneath. That was part of my motivation for designing our eco-chic printed MAJAMAS EARTH Comfort Bras.

Ethically USA MADE from comfortable reclaimed fabrics that wick well in the hot hot heat, our printed bras are meant to be worn all day and night from one activity to the next – all Summer long!

Here at MAJAMAS EARTH, we make our bras to be the star of your Summer wardrobe.

5 ways to wear ’em like ME


1. Dress It Up

Got an open back in that beautiful dress or blouse you’re wearing to work, a wedding or on a date?

Wear one of our printed bras underneath and add whimsical charm to an elegant look.

Try our Sporty Bra or Active Bra for more back coverage. Try our Addy Bra or Daily Bra (pictured above) to show a little more skin.

2. Dress It Down

The-Forte-Tank_Baya_The-Polsino-Pant_Amelia_Lifestyle_Small-WebEven a casual tank top can look pretty with a patterned bra under it.

The printed strap peeking out makes it look as if you’ve added a layer underneath, without the extra bulk or heat of an additional cami.

Already have a printed tank? Pick a bra that coordinates – we love mixing prints!

If you want to play it safe, choose one of our solid or organic styles that lets your other pattern stand out!

Try our Sporty Bra or Active Bra for more back coverage. Try our Addy Bra or Daily Bra to show a little more skin.

3. Work It Out


Sweat in style while you work out during yoga, Pilates, hiking, race walking or weight lifting.

Best part is they don’t give you a “uni-boob” like other sports bras. 

They’re more unique too, so you may be noticed more for your fashion in class than your shaky headstands.

Try our Sporty Bra or Active Bra for the most support.

4. Make It Romantic

We added lace on the back of some of our Sporty bras so you can wear them under your favorite spaghetti-strapped tanks or under your favorite “vented” tops and dresses.

No matter how dressy or casual the outfit, the lace brings the perfect romantic touch to any look.

Try our Lacey Sporty Bra for a feminine feel.

5. Lift It UpThe-Sporty-Bra_Gemma-Lace_Lifestyle_Small-Web

We know you’re out there, doubters who think our “little” bras couldn’t possibly give any support…

Did you know that 90% of the support from any bra comes from the under bust band?

MAJAMAS EARTH Comfort Bras have a thick but soft band that gives a surprising amount of support.

Looking to get a tad more? We’ve teamed up with Bravo Bra Pads so you can get that added lift and coverage you love without sacrificing comfort or style. Just slip out the MAJAMAS EARTH bra pads that are included with your padded bra and slip in your new shaper.

Try our Organic Cotton Covered Bra Pads & Bravo Bra Pads for additional support.

Give up your uncomfortable wired bras and slip on a MAJAMAS EARTH bra. Trust ME, you’ll never go back to anything else.

Burn those old, wire bras (my 1970’s are showing…) and get into something beautiful and comfortable. MAJAMAS EARTH Comfort Bras are perfect to wear all year round, and summer is the time to let them shine.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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