A Back To School Checklist

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Back to school is upon us again and like my returning students I’d like to think I’ve gotten smarter about it. When my oldest headed off for her freshman year of college, we bought all the bells and whistles. The fancy water bottles with filters (not necessary) the 3M removable hooks (1 box will do) not to mention (but I will) the extra pillows, twinkle lights, portable shelves, pretty vases (why?), pictures, rugs (ok, necessary but only one per room will do) and hundreds of other items (including a bunch of throw-away clothing that lasted less than the first semester).

Regardless of whether you’re a high school, college, or grad student (or even the parent) we tend to overload ourselves with so much “stuff” in preparation for the start of classes.

This year, we’re focusing on stocking up on sustainable fashion instead of all those little knick-knacks we tend to buy for our living spaces. Seems that stuff just gets tossed into a landfill anyway.


Campus fashion is an oxymoron.


The Polsino Pant_Prismatic_Lifestyle_Small 2How many college campuses have you visited and seen students dressed as if they’re walking through the pages of Seventeen or Vogue?

As much as they want you to believe that lacy skirt will be worn to class every day, the truth is, sweat pants will prevail most of the time.

Whenever we visit campus, most students are dressed in jeans (or sweats), school tees and hoodies.

This year, let’s step it up a notch without sacrificing simplicity, style and comfort.

Calling all high school, college, or grad school students and parents –


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Basics for Back-to-School


The Picoli Short_Marron_Lifestyle.jpg1. The Picolli Short (preferably in the school’s colors)

These little shorts are great for wearing to a sports game, down the hall to the shower, lounging around an apartment or dorm and of course to sleep.

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2. The Polsino Pant (pictured above)

Great for chilly, cozy, fall nights inside or paired up with that college graphic tee for a twist on the typical look and just as comfortable. Shop This Style



12-4400_TheElinaHoodie_Pebble_Lifestyle_Small3. The Elina Hoodie

A super soft, versatile basic that’s a perfect layer to help transition those Summer tanks into Fall, paired with denim or a legging. Shop This Style

4. The Comfort Bra

No coed wants to be uncomfortable, especially after a late night studying or socializing when wearing a comfortable bra is key for those mid day naps.

With no stiff underwire but more support than a flimsy bralette, our multi-cup bras come in a variety of adorable prints and are great under strappy tanks, open back tops or sweaters, and yes, even under that college graphic tee. Shop This Style


5. The Panty

What student doesn’t need more underwear?

Let’s face it, laundry isn’t a priority on her list so be sure to stock up on our comfy panties that are not only beautiful, but made right here in the USA. Shop This Style

6. The Sunday Sleep Shirt Our soft, tunic length “nightie” will work overtime this semester paired with skinny jeans on the way to class or one of our printed leggings on the way to bed. Genius! Shop This Style





E16K302_The Lakeview Tee_Pebble_Lifestyle_Small


7. The Lakeview Tee

This graphic tee shows our love for the environment and it will be a beautiful break from (yeah I’m gonna say it again) that college graphic tee. Shop This Style

8. The JoJo Legging I know, we don’t want to be TOO basic, but no college life is complete without a pair of solid and printed leggings. They look great with any flowy top or tunic. Shop This Style

9. The Tempo Libre Pant

This jogger is WAY cuter than a sweat pant and it will be worn just as much. It’s super soft and has pockets lined in our whimsical prints to carry your phone, keys or ID. You better get two! Shop This Style

It makes sense to cut down on all the stuff we drag back and forth to our temporary spaces. My goal is to design sustainable, comfortable clothes that keep us all in fashion so we can focus on the important things and put our brain power to work. We may never get away from those college tees or shower caddys (does anyone really use one?) but at least we can have some other options that will become staples on every campus.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer


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What are your favorite back to school basics from ME?

Please share your own thoughts with us – let’s get a conversation started in the comments below! Your comment may even win you a free MAJAMAS EARTH garment this week!

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