5 Secrets to Staying Connected


Now I know how my cat feels. The sun is shining, and I see no reason why I can’t go out. I feel like sneaking thru the door every time the dog comes in, but then I remember it’s better for everyone if we just stay home. Taking extreme measures is important right now and the last thing we want is to get anyone sick. Still, waiting for this pandemic to end is going to take some patience and unless we want to give into the urge to run outside and chew on some grass, we better figure out ways to connect with each other.

Getting to stay home isn’t turning out to be as fun as we thought. Even for those lucky enough to be getting paid while avoiding the rice curls in the pantry, we’re all trying to adjust to a new routine. Having the added financial worry makes this home prison even harder, but there are ways to alleviate the stress this new world is putting on us.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be bombarded by information or mentally shutting down, now more than ever it’s important to stay positive and keep healthy communication flowing.

That doesn’t mean we have to open every email titled Survival Coronamask…

There’s nothing like a pandemic to draw out the crazies, so it’s time to be smart about who’s supplying us with information and who we choose to connect with. Time to censor your news feed and use your common sense before spreading bad information. Please stop forwarding news stories that have no scientific basis and follow the golden email rule: When in doubt, delete it out. We’ve been thru similar crises and survived the unimaginable before. With a little compassion and sensible communicating, we’re going to get thru this one too.

911 floored us and for a few weeks, we walked around stunned. People were afraid to fly or even open their mail. We kept feeling as if it were bound to happen again and we freaked out anytime we saw someone wearing a backpack unless they were on a college campus.

Root For Each Other Quote.jpgAmidst all the fear though, something amazing happened. People started to show some compassion.

Celebrities held benefit concerts and communities gathered for candlelight vigils. We literally reached out to our neighbors and did what we could to support others.

Technology was barely a part of our lives in 2001 but today we have a gazillion ways to show our support and stay connected.

Without human connection, we’ll go crazy and people are wanting to communicate now more than ever.

So, before we start staring at a dot on the wall or chasing our tails in circles, we must begin to actively engage with other people every day, sensibly and virtually of course.

Here are five quick and simple ways to give and get some social contact without spreading cooties:


Text your family members and friends, even if you haven’t spoken in a while. Chances are if you’re thinking of them, they’re thinking of you too. Start with “thinking of you and hope you’re OK.” The flood gates will open from there.


Giving makes us feel good. Stop acting helpless and head to Go Fund Me to donate to organizations that are making a difference right now. Help medical workers on the front line who are putting themselves at risk and directly impacted by this crisis. The Front Line Responders Fund is donating face masks, gowns, gloves and other necessary supplies to protect our medical community.

Want to make sure your local restaurant is there when it’s safe to meet friends for Mexican? Then give to the Small Business Initiative. They’re using your money to support their staff so when you can eat out again, your favorite server will still be there to give you that extra cheese on your bean burrito. Even five bucks will help.


Send an email to a colleague or client. When we’re no longer isolated, I promise they’ll remember it and this small gesture will make your job easier when things return to a new normal. Maybe say, “I know this is a tough time for us but wanted to let you know I’m here to help anyway I can.”


Live the way they did in the Jetson’s and have a virtual dinner or happy hour with your friends using Google Hangouts. Get food and booze delivered in and support your local restaurants while you’re at it. Then toast to better times ahead.

For you love birds separated due to all this isolation, have a Zoom date. If you can light a spark thru a virtual date, you’re bound to rekindle the love in person, right? If it goes well, send a bouquet of flowers from a local florist. I promise it will wow them and you’ll be doing some good by helping a small business out.


Instead of worrying about what’s next, pivot your thoughts to a positive place and change the dialogue in your head. We could all use some help these days staying calm and positive. Up your meditation practice and if you don’t have one, start! There are tons of meditation apps to help you find the perfect fit. Visit Healthline for a list of the best and how to get them.

Sleep is the most important thing we can do to avoid getting sick. If your brain’s on repeat and you can’t get rid of those ruminating thoughts, start listening to Nothing Much Happens, Bedtime Stories for Adults or tune into Sleep Cove for some meditative, sleep hypnosis that really helps to turn your brain off. Even a quick cat nap can help a stressed brain so carve out twenty minutes to restore your energy.

The-Nuovo-Top_Blue-Lagoon_The-Picolli-Short_Annabelle_Lifestyle_Small-Web.jpgSpending too much time alone isn’t good for anyone.

Remember when you’d fake sick as a kid? If you got to stay home, it never ended up being as fun as you thought. Why? Cause you were stuck at home alone. By the end of the day your feelings of FOMO were bigger than ever.

Technology, used wisely, can change all that.

Stay home, stay healthy but stay connected.

Do whatever you can to lift yourself and others up.

Even the smallest acts of kindness can have a big impact and we need that now more than ever.

Now get back to work!

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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