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I know this has been a rough year. We’re fighting a pandemic while we’re fighting for racial justice. We’re cleaning up after “natural” disasters, watching businesses close and people lose their jobs. Heck, we can’t even go to our favorite bar for juice or alcohol to drown our sorrows in a tasty drink. Our kids are stuck at home, we’re stuck at home and life as we knew it feels lost forever.

Stay Focused QuoteMaybe that’s why focusing on this election feels like that twenty page research paper assigned in the beginning of a college semester.

We have a lot of other work to do but that paper sits there looming over our heads and we don’t do our research until the last minute.

Then we spend the night before it’s due typing it out, doing a half-assed job and regretting the results…

Wow! I think I just described my senior year.

So, MAJAMAS EARTH is here to help!

Seeing we’re all struggling with everything 2020, I’m listing 5 Issues to consider before casting your vote for those you want to see running our country, holding a seat in the Senate, in Congress and even on your local City Council.

I’ve even listed some legitimate sources to confirm where they stand so you can vote for those who are committed to resolving them.

Top 5 Reasons To Vote

#1 The Environment

Our planet is on fire! Besides the fires raging in California, we are on our way to recording the hottest year on record. Death Valley hit 130 degrees, California is struggling with a horrible heat wave and we’re dealing with the most active hurricane season ever. The last intact ice shelf in Canada collapsed into the sea and the arctic has been experiencing the hottest temperatures in history, some days reaching over 100 degrees this summer. It may sound like a scene from Independence Day but sadly, this is our reality. We need leaders who make Climate Change a priority and we need them now!

So where do your candidates stand on Climate Change? Do they support the Green New Deal? Do they believe in renewable energy or do they support drilling in the arctic?

We are running out of time before we pass the point of no return. Who we vote for now will determine our planet’s future.

#2 Empathy

Stirring up hatred by criticizing others only divides us more. Since when is it OK for elected officials, or anyone for that matter, to post ugly lies about others on social media? When did crass, ugly speech replace intelligent, thoughtful comments?

There is a big difference between candor and hatred. Are your candidates speaking from a point of empathy and considering the power of their words and actions? Angry, hateful, ugly speech posted or spoken is dangerous, especially when it comes from an elected official.

This year, we all must vote for kindness so we can restore hope, harmony and a sense of dignity to our country. Where do your candidates stand on Immigration, Foreign Policy and Public Education? How do your candidates communicate? Do they make you feel hopeful or angry?

Hate hurts us all, not just those it is intended for so vote for the candidates who have a conscious and truly care about how their actions and words impact others.

#3 Uniting and Protecting Others

The-Copertina_Aberdeen_The-Tasca-Skirt_Zinfandel_The-Lorenzo-Long-Sleeve_Pebble_Lifestyle-2_Small-WEB-REVISEDThis year, we must seek out and vote for candidates who support women and minorities.

Find the candidates who empower those at a disadvantage instead of disregarding them by cutting off their aid or taking away their healthcare.

Do your homework to see if your candidates support icons like Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator John Lewis who fought tirelessly for the rights of black Americans and all people of color.

Are they working to help those who have been discriminated against and marginalized?

See where your candidates stand on protecting the rights of women and LGBTQ people.

Do they support equal pay? Where do they stand on protecting them from domestic abuse? What’s their position on dealing with Covid-19, Health Care and Reproductive Rights?

These are trying times and now more than ever, ALL Americans need to feel empowered, safe, supported and protected. Until that day, we will never be truly united.

#4 Honesty

Never in history have we witnessed more lies and falsehoods coming from our politicians. Even when the facts are checked and the politician is wrong, we allow them to continue lying to us with no accountability.

We need to seek out candidates that have a higher standard and hold others to that standard by enforcing actionable consequences to politicians who continuously lie. No candidate should be allowed to post false information without being held accountable for their words either written or spoken.

Does your candidate believe in being honest? Will your candidate vote against the herd when they know another politician has broken the law, lied or cheated?

#5 Saving Our Democracy

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but our democracy is hanging by a thread. This election must be the end of silent pacts between politicians, judges, representatives and senators.

Do your candidates believe in democracy and use their positions to preserve it? Do they believe in freedom of the press? Do your candidates believe in packing the Supreme Court? Where do your candidates stand on preserving the Post Office, Criminal Justice, Abolishing the Electoral College, and Term Limits?

This year, our democracy hangs in the balance. Make sure the candidates you elect know The United States Constitution better than an eighth grader. Trust ME, few do.

Now Do Your Homework!

For ME, the best way to see a candidate’s record is to check their report card. So I’ve listed sources below that make it easy to see where your candidate stands. I even found a site that includes local listings just by clicking on the state and entering your zip code.

Check them out below and get out early to vote. For those mailing in their ballots, get it done immediately so your votes will be counted. 2020 has been a tough year so now more than ever it’s important to do your homework and get the honest answers to these issues before November 3rd. Remember, the people we vote into office are our public servants, not celebrities. They work for us so make your voice heard and hold them accountable.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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Check Where Your Candidates Stand



League of Conservation Voters

Empathy and Issues Relating to Foreign Policy, Immigration and Public Education

The Council on Foreign Relations

Education Week

Uniting and Protecting Others

League of Women Voters

Verywell Health


Rating Honesty


Upholding Our Democracy

Council on Foreign Relations

Information on Local Candidates and Issues



Let ME know:

What valuable resources do you rely on for voting information?

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