Spring Snacks That Don’t Set You Back

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It’s May and we’ve decided to abandon our unhealthy habits from winter.

Yep, it’s time to stop eating cookies, fatty snacks and heavy food. Most days we start out with good intentions but close to mid-afternoon, we begin to crave the worst. That’s when most of us have a drop in blood sugar and seek out junk foods to snack on. How do we overcome the craving for chocolate, sugary snacks and unhealthy food at MAJAMAS EARTH?

Stocking the office with lighter, healthier snacks like the ones listed below is a good start:

Mango Slices

Mango Slices
*photo borrowed from MSN.COM*

Unsweetened, unsulfered are best since Mangos are so sweet on their own. Like their banana friends below, they have more calories but they’re better for you than a cookie and you can eat 6 slices feeling as if you’ve had way more than the 130 calories in them.

Banana Chips

Banana Chips
*photo borrowed from Pinterest*

These guys have a lot more calories than the others listed here (except for Mangos) but they’re worth the 1/4 cup containing 155 calories you’ll get when eating them. They’re a combo of sugar with the texture of a potato chip and we love them.

Sweet Potato Sticks

Sweet Potato Skinny Sticks.png

These things are delicious and you can eat 27 pieces ingesting a mere 130 calories. Perfect for replacing a regular potato chip and definitely tastier.

Skinny Pop

Skinny POP

*photo borrowed from Skinny Pop*

Skinny Pop is a great snack and one serving of 3 and 3/4 cups has 150 calories. Beware of salt though and don’t eat the whole bag. That’s where this stuff gets dangerous!

One Hard-Boiled Egg

Hard Boiled Egg

*photo borrowed from The Prairie Homestead*

A dose of protein squashes a sweet tooth like nothing else. One hard-boiled egg has only 78 calories and will quell your craving for sugar within 15 minutes. I like to add a little soy sauce that has only 9 calories per tablespoon for extra flavor.

Cheese Stick

Depending on the cheese, one stick can contain between 80 to 150 or so calories. Mozzarella sticks are probably the lowest but check the package to be sure. These are so easy to bring to work and super tasty.

Raw Nuts

Raw Almonds.png
*photo borrowed from Pinterest*

You can have roughly 20 raw almonds or shelled pistachios and eat only 100 calories. One of my favorite winter snacks were those chewy caramels from Costco and one of those had 100 calories so I feel better eating the 20 or so almonds. I just pretend they’re covered in that creamy caramel and chocolate. Better yet, just try to forget about those caramels all together and enjoy your almonds.

Cinnamon Rice Cake

Cinnamon Rice Cake.png

*photo borrowed from Pinterest*

Another satisfying snack. 1 cake = 80 calories. If you crave a tad more flavor, spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on it. One tablespoon adds about 80-90 calories to this snack but well worth the satisfaction of eating something a bit more substantial.


Flavored Water

Lots of water is great for nuking a snack attack. Before eating something, drink a cup of water and see if you’re still hungry. Sometimes, you’re just thirsty….yeah, just thirsty….

Try these fruit-infused water recipes from SHE uncovered for a little extra flavor!



I’ve heard if you give something up for 21 days, you can break any habit. I’ve never been a huge fan of diets and if someone tells me I can’t have it, I want it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.07.16 PM.png

I believe in moderation.

If you want a cookie, eat a quarter of it but have the strength to stop. That seems to be the hardest part, stopping. So maybe share that cookie giving 3/4 of it away first and savoring that small piece after you know there’s nothing left to eat.

Measure your snacks by using a real measuring cup. If you can’t store one at work, use your palm. Visualize your food fitting into the palm of your hand and that’s the perfect serving. This is true for our meals as well. Unless it’s a bowl of greens without salad dressing, most portions shouldn’t be bigger than the palm of your hand. *photo borrowed from The Snow Fairy*

Handful of Snacks

So I will welcome this warm weather by eating more healthy and a lot less. I am determined to follow my own methods above and be a little more mindful of what I eat when I’m unconsciously nibbling at work and home.

Remember, it’s not just about weight.

Regardless of what you eat,

“Every bite you take is either Fighting Disease or Feeding It.”

Sacred Earth.


Want more tips for healthy eating and recipes for easy foods? Check out & follow our Pinterest.

– Germaine Caprio, MAJAMAS EARTH Company Owner & Designer

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  1. I love to read your messages.
    This one really hit home and I will incorporate some of the snacks into my afternoon when the snack attack hits.
    I also love dried unsweetened cranberries!

    I wear you bras everyday!!!!!

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